Finished Installing the Steel Pipe Crossings and a Pile of Wood Chips

Tuesday October 27, 2020 Guerneville CA.

Pipe crossings

The power came back on around ten this morning which was nice. I got it going and fed the chickens.

Then I hopped on the quad runner to go work on getting the spring pipe crossings installed. I had two  more to go so off I went.

I worked on this one and then worked on the other one.pipe


All pipes are in

That completes getting the steel pipe crossings in the ground now all I have to do is move the plastic pipes into them, but not today as I would need some other tools to do it.

I went on home and chair hopped with my chickens. I just let these ones out and they are eating the green grass.chickens


Woodchip pile

I was surprised to see this pile of wood chips in the yard. We were almost out so the pile was welcome. My brother Tom usually is able to get some from the tree guys when he sees them out on the highway.mulch


There must have been something in the mulch to make the chickens want to scratch around in it.grazing


These few chickens were early onto the roost today.roost


Watering weeds

In the evening I started the water sprinklers watering the weeds to help get them started for the winter, for the chickens.water


Chicken feed

And the last thing I did was mix up some seeds for the chickens feed. They eat a lot.feed


Nice day.

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  1. Nancy K says:

    Lots of good eating in those wood chips!!! I do love to see your chickens. Been many years since I had any to sit with. Cool you got your water supply fixed up.

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