Finally Got the Boat In the Water at Garrison Lake in Port Orford

Saturday August 26, 2017 Port Orford Oregon

Hoping to do a paddle today

Today I drove over to Garrison Lake which is in the middle of Port Orford.

I parked here and got my boat ready to put in the water.van1


The wind was up a little, but not too bad.water2


I started paddling around the lake in a clockwise direction. I stayed along the shoreline as I went.

I stopped in this spot for a bit.spot3


The ocean is on the other side of the sand dunes there. I could hear the waves beating on the beach.lake4


I paddled by these dead trees and saw some birds in them.trees5



Some of the birds in the dead trees, mostly swallows.birds6


Main boat ramp

The direction I was paddling brought me over to the other part of the lake, the south side where the main boat launch is located and looks like this as I paddled by.main6


I spied this yellow flower so went over to have a look at it. Looks like some kind of lily.lilly7


Winds picking up

I continued around the lake and stopped here for a bit as the wind picked up some.sandy8


As the wind was picking up, I decided to head in for the day and crossed over the lake here headed to my van.lake9



I was watching this surf scooter trying to eat something. It finally got what ever it was down.scooter


There’s my van and I’m almost there.vam10


Port Orford Harbor

I put the boat back on the van and put the boating stuff away, then drove down to the Port Orford Harbor to see if anything was going on.

Nothing was going on, no boats where out and no one was working. There were only some tourists hanging around.harbor11


Steve needs a switch

Around five I went over to Steve’s house and helped him install an outside switch for his new outside LED lights.

I got the switch all hooked up and working.switch12


Steve’s cleaning up after the mess we made. That’s his new shed.stevve13


Sixes river

Tomorrow I’m thinking of putting my boat in down at he mouth of the Sixes River, just north of here a few miles. I have to look at the tides and see if it can be done.

That’s it for another day.

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