Exploring the Last Chance Creek Area In Northern CA.

Tuesday October 4, 2022 Last Chance Creek, Northern CA.

Posted two blogs today. The first one is below this one if you want to read in order.

Explore day

This is where we woke this morning overlooking a beaver pond.camp1



Marty decided he’d try some fishing so he got out his stuff and put it together to try his luck, he wasn’t sure there were any fish in the beaver pond.marty2


Marty fishing away.fishing3


Caught one

In a short time he was surprised he had a decent size eating fish on.fish4


He decided to have it for dinner and cleaned it when it slipped out of his hand and back into the water. He was able to get it to shore with the tip of his fishing pole.dinner5


Sitting around camp

That’s what we did, just sat around shooting the bull about old times and making plans to explore this area.

It would have been easy just sitting there all day, so I finally said we need to be on the road exploring by one. We make it by 12:30.

We were interested in the creek so we drove down any road we could find off the main road and explored, looking for camp spots and just looking around trying to check out the cheek.

Down this one

This is the first road we checked out headed towards the creek.road6


It went on down through here to the creek but there was no camp spot.view7


Map check

We drove up the main road  looking for stuff and stopped here to have a look at the maps. There were a lot of big meadows in this area that the creek ran down through.vans8


Dead end road

This road looked promising so we took it to this spot where it was blocked just ahead and no near by the creek.road9


Break spot

We got turned around and I said to Marty we’ll stop for a break on the way out on this road in the shade under some trees and look at the map and decide what to do  next.break10


Tonight’s camp spot

We decided to go on back to the same place we’d camped and, well, camp.

It was only a few miles back up the road so we did that.

A walk along the creek

While Marty was fixing his fish for dinner I went for a walk down along the edge of the creek to have a look around.

The first part of the walk, there were lot’s of beaver dams backing up the water until I got to this one. It was about six feet high, but below it there were no more dams for awhile so there was less water.dam11


Crawfish area

We didn’t catch a single crawfish by our camp in the beaver pond last night. But this area below the last beaver dam is more what we were looking for to camp by to catch them. The water is only about a foot deep with  lots of small rocks on it’s bottom.creek12


Marty had camped up here years ago and said the place he camped was just full of the little critters, but he can’t remember just where that spot was.

We just have to find a camp spot by the creek that has these same conditions which we will try to find tomorrow during our exploring and continuing on up the road.

I walked down the creek to here to this open area then turned back and headed to camp.view13


I stopped to look at this last beaver pond that had a six foot high dam. Lots of water.dam14


I gave Marty a report of my walk and he said his fish was cooked to perfection.

Day’s end

We sat around our camp here until just before dark and called it a nice day of exploring.camp


Nice day.

We are crossing into Nevada in a bit.

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  1. Nancy K says:

    Looks like the perfect spot for a horseback ride. I do love catching fish in those holes. It’s a beautiful area.

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