Evening Paddle Below Monte Rio On the Russian River

Friday July 1, 2022 Monte Rio CA.

River paddle

I decided to go for an evening paddle at the river at Monte Rio, so I mostly chair hopped all day and headed for the river around 6PM.

The plan was to head on down the river just over a mile taking my time as I paddled along the shorelines.

Headed down river

The boat ramp was mostly empty at this time so I put my boat in the water at the boat ramp and pointed my bow down river.river1


Shallow spots

I had to get through some shallow spots in this part of the river which I knew I’d have to walk my boat through to get back up it on the way back and I did.river2


Little ducky’s

The little ducky’s I saw a couple of weeks ago are sure growing fast.ducks3


I stopped here for a bit. I’m headed down river as far as you can see where you can see the light fog.river4


Birds fishing

I spotted this bird on the shoreline hunting away. Maybe a night heron or a bittern of some type, I can’t remember. :O)bird5


And this one flew past me and landed here. They fish along the shorelines for little fish.bird6


Sitting spot

This is where I was headed. I made it and sat here for quite some time just watching and enjoying the river, looking down river.river7


I sat here and this is what the view I had looking back up the river from this spot. That’s the Villa Grande beach there.river8


Osprey nest story

I saw an osprey carrying a stick to a nest so I checked it out.

It took it to this old unused nest on the power pole. The birds used to use this nest but it’s not  made right and other pray birds eat their young. I think it’s the high sides that cause the problem as they provide a sturdy place for predator birds to land.

Anyway the birds used to use this nest until a big tree close by lost it’s top and they moved to it building a nest and used it it rise young for a number of years successfully.

Nest fell down

Then, last winter that big tree with their nest in it broke off and fell into the river, so their nest was gone.

So now, it appears the birds have moved back into this nest on the power pole that has been empty for years and have rebuilt it. Likely not a good idea.ospray9


I heard another osprey calling away and spotted it up in this tree. Likely the other bird in the nest’s mate.ospray1-


This great blue heron was preening away in the sun.heron11


Headed back up the river

I started back up the river going by this great blue heron settling in for the night.heron12


And these merganser ducks watched as I paddled on by.merganser13


Monte Rio is up the river under that mountain as far as you can see. I’m working my way along the shoreline heading that way.river14


Boat ramp

The boat ramp is to the left of the bridge at Monte Rio. But first I paddled up to the bridge then turned and headed back to the boat ramp where I loaded up and drove on home, stopping for gas on the way.ramp15


Nice day.

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2 Responses to Evening Paddle Below Monte Rio On the Russian River

  1. Gaelyn says:

    I love when you paddle. Could be that I haven’t seen flowing water in, forever. Maybe next summer. Does that kayak fit two? ;)

  2. Barb in Florida says:

    Nice – thanks for taking us along.

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