Enjoying the Sun For a Lazy Day

Tuesday February 16, 2021 Guerneville CA.


I didn’t sleep well last night so when I got it going around noon I went outside and enjoyed the nice blue sky.sky


I chair hopped for awhile then went back inside and napped or you might say back to bed for awhile.

Late in the day I let  the chickens into the front yard.blooms


Moving mulch

And I did get a little work done moving a few loads of this mulch onto the raspberry patch late in the day.chips


Raspberry patch

I need to get that pile of mulch moved onto the raspberry patch.
A little at a time will do it. It won’t be long and the bushes will start filling out with green leaves and then there soon will be some berries for me to eat.dumping


I moved about three loads of that mulch and had had enough.

Getting cloudy

A bit more chair hopping as the clouds were moving in just before dark.clouds


Well that was one of my lazier days. It seems I have a hard time just doing nothing.

Nice lazy day.

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