Enjoying the Rain At Horse Tank In the Kofa

Saturday February 22, 2020 Horse Tank, Kofa, Arizona

Horse Tank rain

In the wee hours of the morning while it was still dark the rain started lightly with showers.

Just before it got light it came down on my van’s roof like small rocks for a bit. The storm had hit. It would rain hard for a bit then showers. And the wind was gusty too. It did this until noon when some sun broke through some of the clouds.


My camp at horse tank where I spent the night.camp1


When I got up it looked like this out my side doors. Light rain and gusty wind.rainy


Although it’s hard to tell in the picture it was raining real hard in this one and the winds were blowing the bushes around.rain


Rain stopped

At noon the rain stopped and the wind died some. The rocky hills were a bit wet.wetrock


It didn’t rain hard enough to get the washes flowing more then just a little like this.water


Moving camp

Around 2 I decided to move back down the road a ways from this camp spot where it rained on me.van


To this spot about a mile down the road. There was what looked like an old road there but blocked. Nice clouds in the sky with a bit of sun.camp2


Evening walk

I decided to go for a little hike towards evening. The clouds were building so I didn’t want to go to far from the van as I didn’t put on my rain gear.

I started off up this wash. It was real lush with lots of green grass.walk1


I wasn’t planning to go far but every time I stopped to look around I went a little farther keeping my eyes on the clouds for rain.

Lush desert

This spot was particularly lush that I walked through.trail


This rabbit moved out of the bushes in front of me and then sped away. They have it real good right now with all the lush green grasses in this area.rabbit



I spotted these caves along the way.cave1


I saw this cave and had to have a look so walked up to it.cave2


The cave was interesting and looked like this.cave2a


Hill top view

I walked up on one of the little hills to have a look around and this is one of my views.walk2


This was as far as I walked and thought that rocky place looked like a good place to come back and check out sometime. From here I started back towards camp.rocky


But got side tracked and followed the old road down this way a short distance where the road stopped. The clouds are building for the evening.walk4


Home sweat home

It’s always welcoming to see one’s rid after a walk knowing you’re not lost. :O)vancamp


The wind is gusty a bit after dark but so far no more rain tonight.

Nice day, nice rain, nice walk.

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