Enclosure Work, Checked the Water Tanks and Charged the Dozer Battery

Thursday March 16, 2017 Guerneville CA.

Still working on the garden enclosure

I started off the day working on my garden enclosure. I made this roof support to help hold up the flat roof from sagging. It’s sort of a beam..roof


And then went for a quad runner ride

I put that aside until later and got the quad runner going and rode up into the hills to check out our spring water supply. I checked the water tanks to make sure they were full of water and they were.water


Charging the dozer battery

From the water tanks, I drove over to where the bull dozer was parked. It needs started up once in awhile to change up the battery.dozer


It started right up, so I drove it up the hill a ways to move it higher on the hill and give the batteries enough time to charge up.doz


And a little walk

I left the dozer up higher on the hill and walked back down this road to where my quad was parked.walk


Still can’t get my shovel unstuck

On the way home I stopped at the creek crossing where I lost my shovel during a storm last winter. The shovel was still there stuck in the debris and gravels. I tried to dislodge it, but it’s stuck good, so I will wait a bit longer until all the water dries up this summer to get the shovel out.shovel


Back to work on the enclosure

I went back to my house and started working on the garden enclosure some more. The cat came by to give advice.cat


I installed the roof brace I constructed this morning. The other roof pieces will tie into this piece to help hold them up and keep them from sagging too much.brace


By now it was cooling down for the evening. I sat around in the yard for awhile, then went in for the day.

Nice day.

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6 Responses to Enclosure Work, Checked the Water Tanks and Charged the Dozer Battery

  1. Bob Noble says:

    Hi Carson,
    The Russian River area is a neat place to live and I sure enjoy it. That shovel will keep. :O)

    • Anonymous says:

      It sure is. I live in Windsor and I believe we get most of our water from the Russian. I couldn’t resist offering assistance with the shovel for multiple reasons. Being friendly and meeting other outdoors people to name a couple…oh and all of that wild pig rooting too. :O)

      • Bob Noble says:

        You noticed the wild pig rooting. Lots of it on the roads right now. They don’t hang around much as the area is too close to houses so the pigs seem to come in during the night and head out to some other ranch during the day. They don’t usually hang out on the property, but last fall there was a large crop of acorns so they are in here right now cleaning them up along with everything else they eat and then they will be gone until next year again.

        • Anonymous says:

          Very interesting. I have motion activated wildlife cameras and I get a lot of pictures of pigs along the river. If you don’t already have one then you might be interested in them. I wouldn’t mind lending you one as I’m transferring to Humboldt State this summer and don’t think I’ll be using all 6 of them while I’m up north.

          • Bob Noble says:

            Hi Carson,
            I’ve considered a wildlife cam, but I seem to have enough in the fire right now with what I have. I’ve messed with wireless motion detect cams a bit, but I’m just not ready to get back into it.
            Thanks for the offer,

  2. Carson Riley says:

    I enjoy reading your blog. The Russian River and surrounding area is fascinating. I will get your shovel for you if you’d like.

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