Email Problems and a Shopping Day

Monday March 8, 2021 Guerneville CA.

Shop day

Email problems

Last night I discovered my new mail program in windows wasn’t sending out my emails since I installed the new program on March 1. I’d hit send and thought it was working as it didn’t say anything but no.

So all the ones I sent from March 1 never got sent.

So I started working on the problem last night but didn’t get it fixed so started when I got home today and I finally have it fixed I think. The only problem I see now is I lost a lot of my contacts. It kept some of them for some reason. Oh well that’s one way to clean house.

Get shopping

So today I’d planned to go shopping big time as I haven’t done much for over a month or so and I had a lot of stuff to do.

But when I got up it was spitting some real cold rain drops and I thought, what the hey, it can wait I have all week.

But the spitting stopped and I decided to go and get done what I could not caring if I got much done or not.

So off I went, my first stop was the custom meat place, Willowside meats to find out how they process an animal from start to finish and what do they put on it if anything. I was pleased to learn they don’t put anything on the carcass or anything on the meat. Great. We discussed a few things about the process and I’m satisfied they won’t add any corn products.

I plan to order a quarter of a beef soon from the Cheese factory that finishes the animals on cheese whey and gets their animals processed by Willowside Meats.

Chinese market

That went well, now on to the Chinese market. I’m changing my diet and switching away from wheat products for awhile so picked up a sampling of other starches like rice and potato etc. I also got a big bag of yam flour and some other stuff.

Long line

Next on to the credit union and oh boy the line was out the door. I had two checks to deposit so had to stand in that line. I hate lines from being in the military and having to stand in some very long lines all the time. The line moved rather slowly but I did get it done.


Now I had to get across the city to to a Costco but I wasn’t sure of the roads from here as they had to go around some water areas  so I headed in the right direction and after many turns got to Costco where I loaded up  my basket.

Oh, I did stop at a tire shop on the way to Costco to see if they had a bay open for new tires, but no it would be a two hour wait, so no thanks.

One more

It was almost 5 by now but I thought Wal-Mart is on the way and I might as well get that one done too so I stopped in there and got some more stuff.

I made it home just about dark and got all my stuff into the house but not put away yet.

I made it to all but one of he stores where I needed stuff but that can wait.

Nice day, glad to get that done.

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  1. Patsy+Irene says:

    It is sometimes best to make all the stops in one day to save the back and forth multiple times. Nice to have your shopping done!

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