Eating and Napping And a Little Bit of Work On a Rainy Day

Friday February 8, 2019 Guerneville CA.

Showers and rain today

I was back to normal today and ready to do some stuff but it was supposed to rain today. Right now it was light showers.

Can’t find the battery mount parts

I went out and fed the chickens and then decided to look for the parts to put the battery back in the Toyota. I looked in all the places the battery hold down parts should be more than once but I  just couldn’t locate them.

I usually leave something like this that I’m going to need out in plain sight so I can find them, but no luck on these parts.

A break to think about it

Back in the house for a break and then back out looking some more. I finally found the parts. I’d forgotten the Toyota was parked by the garage last winter when I first started on this get er going project and that’s where I found the parts on a barrel top a bit rusty too.

Found them

Here’s the battery hold down parts I was looking


A bit of corrosion not good

I took the parts to the Toyota and had a look at what needed to be done. Right away I could see the hold down parts weren’t going to do me much good. The bottom of the metal tray was all rusted out and wasn’t going to hold down much of anything.

The battery tray is a bit corroded, eh.busted


Started in the right direction

By this time the showers had turned to rain so nothing was going to get done on this today but at least I got started in the direction I need to go.

I headed back in to the house and got some things to eat as I didn’t eat much yesterday as I wasn’t feeling well, so today I made up for that. :O)

Chickens like the rain

The chickens are coming in from a hard rain shower. They go in and out with the rain showers and seem to be able to handle the rain pretty good as they spend some time out in it as long as it’s not too hard.chickens


I heard the mail lady drive by so I went out to see if my new phone came in or not. There was a package in the box so I grabbed it and got in out of the rain.

New antenna arrives

No phone, but my replacement antenna for the automatic front gate came in. I thought of installing it but it was really too wet so that didn’t’ happen.

What gets done on a rainy day

I think I spent more time eating and napping today but heck, it was a rainy day just right for doing those kinds of things.

That was my day.

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  1. George Yates says:

    Hope you get the battery hold down fixed up and useable. Rainy days are a good change of pace as long as there is not too many in a row.

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