Early Dentist So I Was Off For a Paddle At the River

Wednesday June 30, 2021 Jenner CA.

Dentist day

Today was a dentist day, I had to get my new crown cemented in. They called about an hour early and said come on down so I drove on over to Forestville about a half hour from here and they got the job done and I was out of there.

I was thinking of going shopping after the dentist work but didn’t really feel like it and the stuff I needed could wait.

Scenic drive

So since I got that taken care of I had plenty of time to go down to the river for a paddle. I stopped at John S.’s to see if he wanted to go but no one was home. I got my stuff together at home and headed down to Jenner about a twenty minute drive down along the river, a scenic drive for sure.

Boat is in the water

I put my boat in the water and even got a parking spot in the little parking lot and off I paddled on down the river about a mile or less to the river’s open mouth that dumps the river into the Pacific ocean.

It was a real nice day with low wind so far.. The mouth is just up ahead a bit.river1


Dead crab

While paddling along I noticed quite a few dead crab along the way. I think they got oxygen deprived as they like oxygenated salt water and they got caught in fresh water on the tide change. This one is about five inches but there were lots  more smaller ones down to about an inch. Lots of food for some critters, nothing goes to waste on the river.crab2


The river’s mouth is just up ahead where there’s lots of birds and seals and you just never know what.river3


Harbor seals

I paddled on into the open mouth area where these harbor seals were watching me..seals4


Old jetty

This was my view of the jetty with  the ocean on the other side of that. This is where the river is draining into the ocean right by the right side of the jetty.seals5


Some of the birds I paddled on by.birds6


Brown pelicans.pelicans7


Back up the river

I  hang around the mouth area for an hour or so before starting my trip back up the river paddling along this rocky shoreline which leads back to the boat ramp at Jenner.jenner8


I put my boat  on the car and then saw John the Lotus kayak rental guy so I went over to shoot the bull with him for a bit as he is a local.

Overlook views

After that I made the trip to the overlook area that overlooks the area I was just paddling in.

The Jenner overlook that overlooks the river’s mouth area and Pacific ocean, looking back up the river.overlook9


The view of the river’s mouth area looking south.mouth10


View of the open river’s mouth with birds and seals resting down there on the sands.mouth11


More seals and birds resting in the shallow water just inside the mouth.critters12


And the view south to Goat rock in the Pacific ocean.goatrock


I drove on home after checking out the views and it was nap time.

The rest of the day I spent on old well sediment removal and did a lot of chair hopping just enjoying the day.

Nice day.

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  1. Barb in Florida says:

    Thanks for the overlook pictures, Bob.
    It’s nice to see what’s on the other side.
    You picked the perfect day for it. Gorgeous!

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