Drone Practice, a Walk and Some Visiting With the BobCats

Sunday March 13, 2022 Bates Wells Road Ajo Arizona

Drone flying practice

The wind was down this morning once I got it going. A good time to get some drone practice in. I got my stuff together and set up.drone


Then I put my drone out on the rocks ready for takeoff.drone1


Shade needed

The biggest problem I’m having is seeing the cell phone screen in the sun. The cell phone screen shows me what the drones camera is seeing. I sat in the shade as much as possible but at this time in the day there wasn’t much shade.bob2



Here’s where Gaelyn and I are camped.camp3


Another camp shot showing the terrain around us.road4


Bobcat visit

They are the BobCats as his name is Bob and hers is Cathy. She said I’d remember their names if I used this and it worked.

After I flew the drone for a bit I went over to the Bobcats to shoot the bull for awhile.bobcats5


Short desert walk

On the way back from there I saw Gaelyn out in the desert taking pictures so I joined her for a short walk in this direction.gaelyn6



We walked out through here noticing the saguaros were broken off flat at the top. There were quite few of them in this area broken off like that.saguaro7


This area has huge saguaros, the largest I’ve seen anywhere else.saguaro8


We made it back to camp for a rest.

Bobcats with a picture

A bit later the Bobcats came by to show us a picture Cathy took a short time ago.bobcats9


Cathy said her dogs were barking at something and showed us a picture of a javelin pig. I didn’t know they were in this area..


I went out to look for cottontails right before dark and took this picture just after sunset.sundown10


Nice day.

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4 Responses to Drone Practice, a Walk and Some Visiting With the BobCats

  1. You weren’t flying that drone upside down buzzing the tops off the Saguaros were ya Bob:)) Be sure to say hello to those fine Bobcat folks for us.. Nice people those two.

  2. Patritia I Richards says:

    I love the drone shots too. It’s why i don’t want Bill to sell his drone.
    Bobcats, cute!

    Sad about the saguaros, i wonder why?

  3. Gaelyn says:

    OK, so the drone shots are cool and so was there javelina sighting, never saw one out here before. Itt rather sad to see do many broken saguaros. Another nice day in the desert.

  4. Nancy K says:

    Love those drone shots. You are definitely way out there!!!

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