Drizzly Day, Pulaski Handle Repair and Fresh Caught Crab

Saturday November 5, 2022 Guerneville CA.


It was drizzling lightly when I got it going today, so it was mostly a stay in the house day. I should of done some house cleaning but I didn’t, not my favorite thing to do.

Pulaski handle replacement

I did want to get the new handle epoxied onto my Pulaski head. I didn’t quite get the right handle so I had to do some filing on the one I had to make it fit. I watched a YouTube video on it before I attempted the job and it was a good thing I did or I might have had epoxy all over everything.handle


I got the new handle pounded onto the head and now it is ready for the epoxy to be applied.pulaski


I sealed the handle with clay to keep the epoxy from running out the bottom and set it up to pour the epoxy in and got that done. It should be ready to use in about 24 hours. There were no epoxy leaks, fortunately, or there would of been a big mess.epoxy


Fresh crab

About dark my brother Tom came by. He had gotten up real early and went out on a fishing boat to do some crabbing and was successful. You can’t get it much fresher than that. Two crabs all cleaned and cooked and ready to make disappear. I ate one and saved the other for later. Yummy.crab


Nice day.

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