Drizzly Day and Checked Out Our Spring Water Supply

Thursday September 7, 2017 Guerneville CA.

A ride up the hill

I could hear the light drizzle as I woke up this morning so I didn’t bother getting up for a couple extra hours. But I finally did and decided to ride the quad runner up the hill to check out how our spring water was doing.

The drizzle had stopped but it was a fairly overcast day making it look a bit gloomy.

Half full tanks

I rode on up to our water tanks which were only half full.tanks


Next I went over to this ravine just above the tanks and walked up it about in the middle of this picture.ravine


Measured the water

That’s where the water lines that fed the spring water to the tanks comes into this valve network. I’m able to turn the valves so I can measure the spring outputs. I do this by measuring the time it takes the water to fill the one gallon paint can. It took 12 seconds to fill so that means there’s five gallons a minute coming down the pipes to the tanks or 300 gallons an hour which is a respectable amount of water.water


The water is used to supply five houses and my brother uses the water to water his vegetables. With the tanks only at about half full, I think he needs to reduce his spring water usage a bit.

On up the hill

After that I rode the quad on up the hill on this road.road


I rode to the top of the hill to here where it over looks the town of Guerneville. That’s water vapor you see, not smoke.guerneville


Armstrong Valley Farm Garden

I took another road on the way down and stopped at one of my brother’s Armstrong Valley farm’s gardens.garden


Winter crops

My brother’s been prepping his ground for his winter crops.garden2


I went by his chickens on the way out of his garden. Of course they were hoping I had something for them to eat but I didn’t.chickens


From there I went on home and took it easy for the rest of the day.

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  1. Patsy Irene says:

    I’m glad you have it figured out how to measure the water supply! You lost me at ‘half full’. :)
    Look at all those chickens! Must product lots of eggs and lots of good meals, eventually.

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