Drizzles and Fog Paddling Jenner and I Work On the Van’s Headlight Problem

Friday October 28, 2016 Jenner CA.

Drizzles foggy misty

I could hear it raining as I woke this morning, mostly lightly so I stayed in bed a bit longer and slowly got it going.

It was drizzling when I left the house headed for Jenner hoping the rain had stopped down that way.

Drove to the overlook

It was drizzling lightly when I drove into Jenner, so I drove on down to the overlook to  have a look to see how the river’s mouth had washed open the other day.

It looked like this from the overlook.overlook


I don’t know if it washed much rock out of the old jetty, but it did open up wide. Last nights rain also dumped enough water to make the river a bit on the muddy side for the first time this season.mouth


John comes by to shoot the bull

It was still drizzling as I sat and watched. It would be good if it would just stop and I’d go kayaking, but it didn’t seem like it would. As I was sitting there John who lives here came up from behind me so we shot the bull for a good bit. The drizzle seemed to be letting up a bit, so I was thinking of putting my boat in the water.

I said bye to John and drove over to the boat ramp where it was still drizzling a bit, but seemed to be letting up. A guy I know came by and we were shooting the bull when I realized the drizzle had stopped, but the fog had moved in so it was a bit misty, but good to go for kayaking.

Time to yak

I put  my boat in the water and paddled across the river to Penny Island and sat here for a bit deciding which way to go today. There was a good breeze coming down the river, so I decided to just hang around the island today.river


Eventually, I paddled on down along the island’s side which looked like this.coots


Birds in the fog

At the bottom end of the island I saw these cormorants fishing. There were a couple harbor seals with them also, two of them are just behind them and one in front.cors


Looking up the island’s back channel, I could see these brown pelicans just flouting around in the water in the fog.pelicans


These birds were on the shore just behind the pelicans in the water above.biridsend


Headed back up the river

The breeze was dying down and the fog was hanging in there as I paddled back up along the island.coot


Got that kingfisher

I was headed to the little channel on the upper end of the island which I entered here and spotted that kingfisher on the end of the tree branch in the water on the other side.chan


I was able to get this picture of the kingfisher just before it took off.kingfisher


Back down along the island’s edge

I hung around there for a bit, then worked my way back down to the lower end of the island where I saw these pelicans flying around.pels


Huge old skull

I spotted this huge old skull some might call a redwood stump, but I know better. :O) It’s really the skull of some huge animal that lived in the past. The fog helps ones imagination quite a bit.stumphead


Paddling back up along the islands edge was looking like this once the breeze settled down. I see a hawk on one of the tree limbs up there on the right.side


This was the best I could do just before it took to the air and was gone.hawk


Even with the fog, it turned out to be a pretty nice day. I’m just headed in to the boat ramp after a nice day paddling around. ramp


At home I had a bit of a nap and something to eat, then went out to do some more work on the old van. It was still drizzling on and off here, so I worked between the drizzles.

Replacing the van’s dimmer switch

I wanted to replace the burned headlight dimmer switch electrical connector that had burned on my last trip and I had purchased a new connector to do the job.

I was able to just take the new connector apart and push the old wire connectors into the new plastic housing as the push clips looked to be good after I cleaned them up.

Not for the reason I thought

I then turned the headlights on to see if the new connector got hot. It did, but not for the reasons I thought it was getting hot originally.

Turns out the heat was coming from inside the dimmer switch and moving to the connector which really meant the dimmer switch had a faulty connection inside it so I will need to get a new dimmer switch.

Need new headlights too

While I was messing with headlights, I noticed that the drivers sealed beam had water in it, but still worked ok.

I took the headlight assembly apart to have a look at the headlight to see what I needed to replace the watered one. Of course this meant everything needed to be cleaned up as it had years of dirt in there. I cleaned things up and put the lamp back together until I get some newer ones.

Van still idles rough

I also checked my rough idle problem from a cold start and eventually, it started to idle rough again, so I will have to call the TBI kit maker to get that fixed up I think as I think the computer program needs some different data in it to run the van’s engine properly.

Dark was setting in so I called it a day for a nice one.

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