Doing a Bit of Trail Work Up In the Forest

Monday August 7, 2023 Guerneville CA.

Forest work

That’s the plan for the day. I hopped on the dirt bike and headed up to the trail I wanted to do some repairs on, but this tree got in my way, so I had to turn around and go another way. It seems trees just never stop falling in the forest.tree


This tree tipped over last winter and messed the trail up a little so I wanted to smooth things out.trail


I got it pretty good, but there was a big root sticking up, so I had to dig some more.trail3


I uncovered enough of the root to chop it off with the Pulaski.root4


I chopped and chopped as the root was tough to cut.rootcut5


Once the root was cut, I smoothed the trail out again.trail6


This was the next spot I worked on, a narrow spot in the trail. I widened it out by digging it down a bit.trail7


I did one other spot, before I got tired out and went and sat on this stump at the overlook at the trail’s beginning.seat8


I enjoyed the view while resting up on the stump.view9


After that, I took the lower trail towards home.trail10


I was thirsty, so I stopped at this spring for a cup or two of water.spring11


Then, headed down this road to  my place.road12


Once home, I had a nap and then chair hopped around the yard for the rest of the day, just taking it easy.

Nice day.

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