Dirt Bike Ride To Visit My Cousin

Friday May 13, 2022 Guerneville CA.

Dirt bike ride

I’d just gotten up and my phone rang. It was my brother Barry asking if I wanted to go for a dirt bike ride. He was out in the front yard ready to go. I said sure.barry1


We crossed the highway and unlocked the gate to our family property and headed on up into the forest.gate2


Cousin’s place for a visit

We rode around for a bit then went up to my cousin’s place. They live up on the hill tops here.view3


We visited with them for a couple hours then did some more riding stopping here for a bit.top4


We did so much visiting it was late so we cut it short and headed on home. Barry took off and I had breakfast.

Kitty Kat

After a nap I went outside to do some chair hopping. My neighbors cat came by which I am taking care of while they are on a trip.

She looks like that as one of my chickens  just came up behind me. I let here in the house to get something to eat and then we went back outside.kat5


Pink climbing rose

I was looking at my climbing pink rose. The wind had blown it down off the pole so I started to put it back up.roses6


But I had to wait for this chicken to go by. This one is an independent one that jumps all the fences and goes where she wants.chicken8


I very carefully put the rose vines back up where they belong. They have sharp thorns. I’ll have to do something more perminate as the wind will likely blow them down again.rose7


Mulberry tree looks good

My fruiting mulberry tree just leafed out and has a lot of little green berries on it that need to be pollinated so if that happens it should be a good berry year.berries9


Grape buds

And my grapes have lots of grape buds on them that are just getting ready to bloom. This is the most buds I’ve seen on this plant as it’s rather new and this is just it’s second year.grapes10


Nice day.

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  1. Patsy+Irene says:

    I think you mean a BERRY good year! :)
    Grapes would be wonderful to have on our property.

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