Dirt Bike Ride In the Forest and Cleaning Trees Off the Road

Friday October 29, 2021 Guerneville CA.

Dirt bike ride

I heard Barry outside this morning with his dirt bike so I got up and got it going and joined him for a ride in the forest.

Trees blocking the roads

We took off and right away ran into a downed tree from the storm a week or so ago. If the trees were small enough we moved them off the road otherwise if they were bigger we jumped the bikes over them if they were small enough, or we turned around like at this one and will  have to come back with a chainsaw eventually. There’s enough roads that if we can’t get through one way we can usually turn around and get through on another road.treedown1


We rode on up to the main road and headed on out it until we got to the neighbors gate where we turned around and rode on back.gatr2


Keeping Barry busy

Since Barry was leading he got to throw most of the smaller logs off the road while I watched and took pictures.tree3


Rest spot

We were able to  make it to the Top of the World for a rest.top4


Red ants

We noticed there were a lot of little red ants on the ground and in the leaves were we were resting. They were busy doing something and didn’t bother us too  much.


The view from that spot looking west towards the ocean which is just over those hill tops.view5


This was a pretty heavy one so Barry got it lower to the ground so we could run over it.tree6


Turned back

And this one was just too much stuff so we turned around and went another way.bike7


We rode the other way and turned around at another neighbor’s after checking out the view from that spot.view8


We headed towards home but still  had more road clearing to do. That storm was fairly windy and knocked a lot of stuff down.tree9


Nap time

We made it back to  my house and Barry took off for home and I went in for a  nap as all that riding tired me out a bit.

Moving mulch

Eventually I was rested up enough to go out and move some more woodchip mulch to the vegetable garden

I loaded up the wheelbarrow here and hauled it to the garden area about six times.mulch10


Tonight’s sunset

At sunset some clouds were coming in off the Pacific ocean like some rain is coming in, looking west.sunset11


Not upside down

This looks like it is upside down but it’s not. It straight up in the air and those are some tall redwood tree tops you see.sky


There was no red sky which means there are a bunch of clouds out over the ocean blocking the sun and maybe full of rain on the way in.

Nice day.

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