Dirt Bike Ride and Trimming Brush Off the Old Trail

Thursday February 2, 2023 Guerneville CA.

Dirt bike ride

I heard a truck out in the front yard today. It was my brother Barry with his dirt bike, so I got my gear and joined him on a ride up into the hills.barry1


We took off for the hills and rode around for an hour or so, then headed to our break area at the top of the hill, here. Things looked a bit hazy or  maybe smoky out there today with not much sun.top2


After a good break we took off again and  run into one of the foresters counting my cousin’s trees, down the hill to the left. Barry talked with her for a bit then we took off again and rode around the properties some  more.forester3



We stopped at our main spring for a drink of water.spring4


From there, we took off for my house and Barry headed on home and I went in and got something to eat.barry5


Then I went out and let the chickens into the front yard so they could graze and do their thing.chickens6


Some trail work

That’s what I was going to do before Barry showed up for a ride, so I got my chainsaw and rode the quad runner up to this spot and parked. I took the chainsaw up the trail to cut some stuff off it.quad7


This was the first log I cut off of the trail.log8


The saw made quick work of that one. It did leave a hole in the trail I’ll have to come back and fix, eventually.cutlog8


Head knocker

I continued walking up the trail to this one. It was the main reason I wanted to cut trees off the trail today as the other day, I smashed my head on this one walking under it and hit hard enough to draw some blood. Ouch.tree10


The top of the ridge was just up the trail a short distance from that one, so I went up to trim brush off the place the old trail ran through and cut brush to open the trail up to make it easier to walk.

I trimmed brush through here.brush11


All trimmed up. Since the trail is on the ridge top, no dirt needs to be moved, just some brush needs trimming, so I continued working on that for about a half hour.trail12


After that, I headed back down the trail and rode the quad down to this tree. I still had some gas in the saw, so I removed this tree off this trail and then went on home for the day.tree13

Nice day.

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