Dirt Bike Ride and a Hike in the Forest, Cherries, Berries and Loquats

Tuesday May 25, 2021 Guerneville CA.

I tended the chickens and worked on removing some more sediment from the old well and then I wasn’t sure what to do with myself today.

While I was filling up on cherries I decided to go on up the hill on the dirt bike and go for a little hike to check an area out.

Redwood forest hike

I checked the gas and it had enough of that so off I went up into the hills and pulled into this spot in a canyon to explore down below this area.bike1


I went through these smaller redwood trees picking my way through.trail2


And through this big fern patch.creek3


I stopped here by this creek for a break for a bit. It’s nice and peaceful here, no sounds except from the forest.creek4


Heading back

And then I hiked through this area to get back to the dirt bike.trees5


Fire break hike

Then I rode the dirt bike up to his spot which was above the area I just hiked into and checked things out from this angle going for another short hike down to where I’d hiked earlier. This is one of the fire breaks from the recent forest fire, but thankfully the fire didn’t make it into this area which was nice.firebreak6


Armstrong Valley Farm strawberry patch

I was tired out from the hiking so I let the dirt bike do the work and went for a ride around the hills before heading back and stopping at my brother’s strawberry patch. Hey Patsy, if you were a bit closer you’d be welcome to some strawberries. :O)strawberries7



Back home I had a short nap then went out to see how the peeps were fairing. This is the peep feeding area where only they can get so there’s no competition from the larger birds.peeps8



The raspberries are starting to ripen faster now so there’ll soon be more than I can eat which is always a good thing. I ate all of these ones and a lot more of them as they go down easy.raspberries9



I also ate some of these.tree10


Loquats. They are an interesting fruit.loquats11


And the last thing I did was work on getting some more of that sediment out of the old well.

Nice day.

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