Dirt Bike Ride and a Big Redwood Burl

Saturday December 19, 2020 Guerneville CA.

Dirt bike ride

My brother Barry was in the front yard again with his truck and dirt bike. I was planning to ride up into the hills today to visit a neighbor anyway so I joined him.

We rode up to where we cut some small trees up the other day and finished moving the brush off the road.

The brush is off on the road to the right, getting ready to remove it.brush


We just about got the brush cleared.brushed


Ride on

Once that was done we took off up into the hills for a dirt bike ride.barry



We headed up on the ridge tops to this place the forest fire recently burned. Barry wanted to look for mushrooms. We walked around and looked but there were none to be found.burned


Neighbor visit

Then we took off for the neighbor I wanted to talk with. We found Jim home so I talked with him a bit on how to not have his roads washed out as what most of the neighbors have been doing up here is not a good practice and their roads are washing out badly. He was listening so we will meet soon to discuss how to do it right and maybe he can teach the other neighbors.

He had to do something so we cut the bull session short  and took off continuing our ride.

We stopped often to remove things off the trail like this small stick.sticks


Break time

After riding around a bit we headed up to the Top of the World to take a break. Yes, Barry is napping on the ground there.top



Then we rode over to another neighbor’s place and this is the view of the town of Guerneville from there. The town is in the back there a bit hard to see because of the trees and the hill.guerneville


Spring area

We continued to ride all over our place and headed for home after that but detoured up to this spring to check something out.redwood


While there I noticed two pipes coming into this area but couldn’t remember where one of them came from, which spring. Barry says walk it and see so I headed out through here.walk



After going a short distance I remembered what spring this was and where it was so I turned back which meant I didn’t have to go up the steep part I remembered was here.

One more thing to checkout

We had one more place to checkout and that was back where we started where we cleaned up some brush as we wanted to check something out. See Barry over there to the right looking at something.checkout


It’s not a rock

He’s looking at this big rock only it’s not a big rock and is usually worth a lot more money than a big rock, Maybe even big money, in the hundreds or more. It’s a big redwood burl and one this big is rather rare.burl


The next time I come by with the dozer I’ll push it out of there so we can get a better look at it.

Long ride

We make it back to my house. That was one of the longest dirt bike rides we’ve done. We usually do about 2 hours but today we did almost five hours. Riding the dirt bikes in these hills really loosens up the ol body and improves one’s side balance a lot.

Barry took off for home and I spent some time chair hopping and resting in the yard.

But first I had to let  the chickens out as it was late and they wanted to get into the front yard which they like a lot.ready


Happy chickens

There they go, happy chickens.chickens


It wasn’t long before the day cooled and it started to get dark so I shut up the chickens and went in for the day.

Nice day.

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  1. Nancy K says:

    That burl is a real find. Hope it’s in good shape. I hear of people looking for mushrooms all the time, but I would probably get the ones that kill you.

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