Delayed Commercial Fishing Season Starts at Port Orford Oregon

Sunday February 4, 2018 Port Orford Oregon

Watching the crab fishermen

I’m not sure what the story was, but Conrad was removing the side shade that got built in when they added the shed part of this place. Some one had given him the pull down shade if he could get it off. He asked for some help so Steve and I and two other guys helped him get it out. We got it started out, then I backed my van in and we were able to get the roller onto the top of the van without too much trouble and hauled it over to Conrad’s place.job1


Steve and I head for town

Around two I drove Steve to Port Orford so he could do some shopping then we drove on down to the fishing port.

Port Orford Harbor

From the hill Port Orford looks like this.portorford


Port Orford harbor.port3


The crab boats were lined up waiting their turn to come in and get another load of crab pots. This is the first day of a delayed season.boats4


We drove down to the harbor and parked the van here. I walked around to take some photos of what was going on.van4


Waiting boats

Here’s the crab boats waiting for a space to come in and get another load of crab pots. They started at two AM last night and will likely go until all their crab pots are out. I’d say it’s going to take more than one day looking at all the pots till waiting to be taken out.boats5


These guys were loading pots on a boat down below.pots6


One of the cranes used to load pots was broken down and they were working on getting it going, so it really slowed things down. I heard it needed a new motor that they went to get.

Here’s a full boat of crab pots going by a boat coming in for more pots.bird7


Crab pot loading

A boat almost loaded and ready to go out.potload8


Most of the boats are out in the water and off their trailers.trailers9


Moving pots by hand and machine

Some guys moving crab pots around with a hand truck.pots10


A fork lift used to move crab pots to the crane for loading. The boats also take on bait for the traps.pots11


Here’s the freshly loaded boat headed on out.boats12


Taking a boat out

I watched as they lifted a boat out of the water and put it on the trailer.boatup13


Here’s the freshly deposited boat onto the trailer. They are removing the lift straps,boat14


We left them all working away and drove on home for the day. They’ll be hauling in freshly caught crab tomorrow as well as putting out more crab pots.

That was my day.

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5 Responses to Delayed Commercial Fishing Season Starts at Port Orford Oregon

  1. Anonymous says:

    Bob! My mistake, I do appoligize for that. I do enjoy your stories.

  2. Anonymous says:

    What is Steven Lee Wagner to you. Sounds like you all are great friends, got to feel sorry for you. Do us all a favor. Drive down thru the cattle gate to gravel pit then on down to the river bar. What you will see is a Wagner that does not give a dam about gods country. Ask him why he buried his dead calves and cattle in that bar last summer. Ask him why he is trying to relocate the river channel. After you do not receive an answer, I would like you to have Pictures posted on your site. Of course you will not be able to see cattle buried in river bar and that is a shame. You will not be able to post them on your site.

    • Bob says:

      Sorry, the Steve I know is not that guy and I do not know that guy. And I try to keep politics out of my blog as much as possible as I like to use it for positive type educational purposes.

  3. Bob says:

    It’s a pretty big crane rated at 25 tons. It’s their main crane that puts all the boats in and out every day. There’s no place in the water where boats would be safe around here.

  4. Mister ed says:

    That second to last picture that you have,,,, that’s a scary looking crane
    Looks like if the boat was any bigger the crane would fall over

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