Dealing with Hives and Checking Out the Mouth Area

Wednesday March 16, 2016 Jenner CA.

The hives were over active last night, so I didn’t get much sleep and I was pretty tired out when I got it going this morning. I’m not able to take any antihistamines for a week before my allergy appointment which makes things even tougher. :O) They are supposed to interfere with the tests they want to do.

I had planned to go kayaking down at Jenner, but my energy level wasn’t very good.

I did get it going

Never the less, I got my stuff together and headed down that way. My eyes were trying to close a bit on the way down. I pulled into the upper parking area and parked


Proper nap

I had put my sleeping foam and a pillow in back of the car yesterday, so I crawled into the back and laid down for a nap and was doing real well except I didn’t open the windows enough and it got hot and my hives took off again after about a half hour or so.

So I sat out at one of the tables and enjoyed the day, looking down river.jenner


Kayakers on the water

The water was still moving fairly fast from the recent rains. I could see two kayaks down river and was wondering how they’d get back up the river, so I kept an eye on them to see what they’d  do. They were sitting in an eddy from the lower end of Penny Island. But if they go down towards the mouth, the current is too strong and they could go out in the ocean if they weren’t careful.kayakers


What I’d do

The current going back up the middle of the river was too strong to paddle against also. What would they do? I would go to the Island and paddle up along it’s edge until I got above the visitor center a ways and then cross and let the current carry me down to the boat ramp, but what would they do?

They just stayed in the same spot for a long time I guess deciding what to do.

Drove to the overlook

Eventually I drove on up to the overlook at the mouth to have a look.

Here’s what it looked like as I got out of my car. Wide open. Low tide, so it’s flowing fairly fast.mouth3


I spotted the kayakers

I looked over where the kayakers were and finally spotted them taking their boats out to the parking lot on the sandy beach. south


I don’t think that was the plan and I hope they had a cell phone. They did the right thing if they didn’t have the experience to handle the faster river water.

I spied these cormorants resting on a rock below me.cormorants


And looking across the were the kayakers took out , you can see them dragging their boats up the beach. There were two groups of harbor seals taking it easy there too.seals


An another group of harbor seals down nearer the end of the jetty.seals2


There were a bunch of seagulls resting just to the left of the open mouth.gulls


And there were quite a few seagulls in the water doing something. They would fly up the river a little ways then float down and do it again, so they were catching something.birds


I sat around  for about a half hour just checking this area all out.mouth


Plumb tired out

I thought about putting my boat in the water, but I was just too plumb tired out and the water was still flowing fairly fast, so I went on home for the day.

I didn’t do much at home, but I did notice my cherry trees are blooming and the bees were working on pollinating them.cherry


The golf cart dies again

Tom towed his broke down golf cart over. It finally died completely so not being just intermittent, I should be able to find out what is wrong with it,. Only thing is he didn’t leave me the battery puller strap, so I couldn’t move the batteries to work on it.

That was pretty much my day.

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2 Responses to Dealing with Hives and Checking Out the Mouth Area

  1. Bob says:

    Hi Ken, There’s hives and than there’s hives. I think I have the second one. :O) I didn’t realize they can be so nasty. I think they call them hives as it sometimes feels like there is a hive of bee’s on ya.
    Anyway, thanks. I guess I’ll survive like all the rest of the people that have had them before me. :O)

  2. Ken Solbakken says:

    Sorry about your suffering, I hope you and the golf cart start operating normally before too long. Sincerely Ken

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