Day At Willow Creek Reservoir Nevada

Friday September 22, 2023 Willow Creek Reservoir Nevada

Midas To Tuscarora Road

Posted two blogs today

This was the view that greeted me this morning. Nice enough that I decided to spend the day here.water1


I was thinking that it would be a good idea to go for a walk down at the creek below the dam, so I’d drive on down there a bit later.creek2


I heard a rumble which turned out to be these trucks. Likely some construction guys moving to a new job.trucks3



I drove on down to the creek behind the dam or is it in front of the dam? Seems I recently had that discussion with a guy that I was helping put a small dam in his spring. I decided it really just depended on ones view of things.

Anyway, I parked there where I some times camp and  walked down along this creek that comes from the reservoir.van4


I walked about a mile down and then turned back, just enough to get some exercise.walk5


Moved again

I had more plans. After the walk, I drove down by the dam to this camp spot where I could easily put my boat in the water for a paddle.dam6


I took a couple of hours getting my boat stuff together as I wasn’t in a rush.

Out for a paddle

And eventually, I was paddling around the reservoir in a clockwise direction.yak7


I didn’t see much in the way of critters while paddling around the reservoir.yak8



Mostly I saw these grebes and some mud hens too. There were quite a few of these types on the water scattered all around.grebes9


Fish things

The biologists added these fish habitats to the reservoir a couple years ago.things10


I’m sure they were needed but, like all plastics they will eventually crack up and fall apart and be laying on the bottom. They seem to be made of green plastic pipes and then slit to provide the effect. They have quite a few of them around the reservoir. I like the wooden ones they also have better.pipes11


I make it back to the van and it was nap time.

Moved again

After that I decided to move up the road to another spot about five miles from the spot I was at.

I moved to here for the night.camp12


And I went for a short walk in the evening along the creek. This is the creek that flows into the reservoir.creek14


Tomorrow’s plan

I plan to drive on out of here and get back to a paved road, about thirty miles, where I hope to get some cell service so I can post my blogs. There’s a bar and eatery where I meet the pavement so I might see if Bubba is still around. He’s a guy that tried to help me fix a flat tire a few years back.

Nice day.

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2 Responses to Day At Willow Creek Reservoir Nevada

  1. Nancy K says:

    It’s weird that they have enough water to build a dam for a lake. It looks like you are out in the middle of the desert. I’ve never seen fish habitats like that. Interesting to see.

  2. Gaelyn says:

    Looks nice. Glad you got to paddle. Hanging at Alkali hot spring.

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