Day 3 On the Mojave Road Trail, Repairs and We Start the Trail

Thursday March 5, 2020 Mojave Road Trail California

The adventure continues

Start with repairs

Once we got it going today Marty dove under his van to continue working on fixing his transfer case shifter so it would shift.camp1



Around 2 PM Marty was finally satisfied he could shift at least most of the time.

So after a break we broke camp and were looking for the start of the Mojave Road Trail around 2:45.

Mojave Road Trail Begins

After a bit of looking we found what looked like the start of the trail so we checked it out.

This is what we were looking for the first post sign of the start of the trail we were going to follow west across the Mojave Desert.road2


We thought the road was a little rough in spots but what was to come was much rougher.road3


Another post marker so we know we are on the right road now.marker4


Lots of bumps

There were some bumps in the road so we went slow.bumps5


And even more rocks

And some rocks as the road got rougher we got slower.road6


We continued on working our way through stuff.road7


Rocky road, more rocky as we went.rocks8


I saw a jeep coming towards us on the one line road so we pulled over to let them pass. That was the only rig we saw on the road today.jeep9


Fort Piute

We were headed up to Fort Piute on a very rough road, very rocky and bouncy all the way to the Fort.rockky10


We are just entering the Fort area. The Fort is up ahead a ways yet.road11


They had this map where the Fort parking lot was. We are going from right to left about in the center, the little dotted line.map12


Fort cabin

This is the wall of the Fort cabin with our camp spot in the background.piute13


Little walk

I went for a little walk up the creek trail to this spot. I could hear running water in the creek but couldn’t see it for the trees.walk14


Home for the night

This is the view of our camp for the night at Fort Piute.camp15


We got further than we expected today with our repairs and all. Tomorrow we drive back down that rocky road to the main road and continue west. We are not sure were we will end up tomorrow but we’ll find out.

Nice day exploring the Mojave Road Trail.

I’ll likely be able to post this  from Patti’s phone’s hot spot in the morning before we continue on.

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3 Responses to Day 3 On the Mojave Road Trail, Repairs and We Start the Trail

  1. DAVID EVANS says:

    Could’a fooled me. I called the Fort and some 2LT Custer said no internet here…;+..

  2. Gaelyn says:

    I am impressed.

  3. Patsy Irene says:

    Looking like a bumpy ride but I know you guys are tough and enjoy that! :)
    Nice overnight spot for sure!

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