Day 3 Exploring Around Near the Stillwater Mountain Range

Tuesday September 29, 2020 Stillwater Mountains, Nevada

Desert exploring

Once we got it going this morning we broke camp around 11 as we are trying to take it easy and not rush around like we did in the olden days.

We stopped here on the way to Fallon to get a cell lock where I could post my blog and Marty could call his wife.vans1


Gassed up

We drove on in to town to top off our gas tanks for the next part of the trip. Then we got back on highway 50 and headed east for a bit looking for our turn off at a place called Salt Wells.

Where’s the road

We made it to Salt Wells but couldn’t find the left turn off road we needed so drove on past it and eventually had to turn around and hunt for the road on the way back and finally found the dirt road turn off we needed to head up to the Stillwater Mountain Range.

We drove out this road that goes through the Diamond Valley.road2


And by this old corral, a place where they work the cattle.corral3


We had to go through this wire gate, the only gate we’ve seen so far.gate4


What’s that

I saw something out off the road so went over to have a look. It appears to be a spent green smoke grenade.cansmoke5


The first part of the road was fairly rough and rocky but then it changed to sandy which was much easier going.road6



Most of the time we just barely knew where we were going so we stopped and checked the maps a lot, but still most of the time we weren’t real sure where we were but hey that’s exploring.


We stopped here in the middle of the road for lunch and to check the maps. There weren’t many places to pull off the road in this area and we didn’t see another sole all day.lunch7


Need an early camp spot

After lunch we decided to only go a short ways farther just into the hills ahead and find a camp spot for the day.road8


We did find a camp spot in this little pass over the hills, we found this little turn out and camped.camp9


After resting a bit we started to look around a bit to see what was around us. There was a little black looking hole across the hill from us we thought  might a be a mine tunnel but didn’t plan to check it out.

Checking out the black hole

But later I was out wondering around and decided that black hole would be easy to get to so I started working my way to it.spot10


When I got there I was surprised to find that the black hole was only about two feet in diameter so no mine tunnel there.hole11


This was looking back to our camp spot from the dark spot as I started heading back to it.camp11



I made it back to camp where we discussed tomorrows plans a bit and just rested up until the sun went down.sunsset


Tomorrow we’ll continued on this road and see where it takes us. We’d like to get up to some higher mountains if we can and if we take the right roads. The maps we have for this area aren’t too good so we could end up anywhere.

Nice day.

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