Day 1 and 2 Exploring Around Fallon Nevada

Monday September 28, 2020 Fallon Nevada, Indian Lakes area

Desert trip

  As you will recall Marty and I left for this desert trip to the Fallon Nevada area on Sunday around 9:30. Patti decided to stay home and hold the fort down so it would be Marty in his van and me in my van.

We arrived in Fallon around 6 that night beat from a long drive and all we wanted to do was find a camp spot for the night.

This will do

This spot on a dry lake bed did the trick and we were camped.camp1


Today’s exploring

We took our time getting it going this morning as we planned to have an easy day after all the driving yesterday.

I discovered I was a bit low on propane for my cook stove so it was decided to go back to Fallon and get the tank filled and Marty was thinking some snacks would be good. We weren’t that far from town so off we went but finding someone to fill the under the van tank proved not to be so easy as no one wanted to do it and suggested a propane supplier, but I was getting tired of chasing this, so.

After awhile I decided I could likely get by with the propane I had and gave it up. Marty got his snacks and we headed back out into the desert going out Indian Lakes Road.

Indian Lakes

This is one of the first Indian Lakes we drove by. It hardly looks like a desert.lake2



This was another one we drove out to and turned around. You don’t know what’s out there unless you go there.lake3


Carson River area

We stopped here on the road for a bit to get our bearings checking the maps. I wanted to drive out to the Carson River a few hard miles down the road.vans4


The road started out smooth and in fairly decent shape like below.road5


But soon the road turned real bumpy and we had to crawl along in first gear for most of it.

Eventually the road came to the Carson River but there wasn’t much water in it this time of year.carson6



We drove a little further before we’d decided we’d driven far enough in this directions so we pulled over in this spot to have lunch and discuss our options.lunch7


Headed for camp

Earlier in the day we had driven by one of the Indian Lakes that had a bunch of trees growing around it so we decided to drive back to it and camp there for the night and make some more exploring plans.

Which meant we’d have to drive all the way back on that real bumpy first gear road so off we went.

On the way we checked out Big Indian Lake and would have camped here but the other spot we are going is nicer.biglake8


Nice camp spot

We arrived at this spot around 3 and made camp which means take out the chairs and open the van doors.camp9


We sat around making plans and just enjoying the spot watching the wild life. Some Coyotes came close to camp a couple of times and let loose.

After dark

There was a good moon tonight as we checked out the lake after dark.night10


Stillwater Mountain Range

Tomorrow we will drive back to Fallon again to get on Highway 50 East a short distance where we’ll turn onto some road and  head for the Stillwater Mountain Range and explore around there for awhile to see what we can see.

I should be able to post this blog somewhere near Fallon before heading out to the boonies again.

Nice day relaxing exploring around the desert.

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