Cutting Down Some Trees and Working On the Van’s Axillary Cooling Unit

December 1, 2017 Guerneville CA.

Need to cut some trees down

I waited for the sun to come out before venturing outside today, around 11.

First thing I needed to do was sharpen the chain saw and fill it up with gas and oil.

Once that was done I fastened the saw onto my quad runner and took off up the hill as I wanted to cut some trees down.

Headed up into the hills

I drove to this spot and parked out of the tree falling area  which is to the rear.bike1


Cutting the leaner down

That leaner tree is the one in this spot I want to drop to the ground as it’s growing up between two big redwood trees and is blocking the trail.tree2


It’s got a good lean so I only made a small undercut.under3


I successfully cut the tree down then I cut the stump back to the ground so it can be driven over.cut4


It looks like this between the redwood trees now. I don’t usually cut redwood trees down as they are quite large and it’s usually easier to go around them, cutting other types of smaller trees instead.treedown5


Guerneville overlook

I needed a break after that so I rode the quad runner to the top of the ridge to the Guerneville overlook that looked like this. That’s Guerneville down there in the forest.guerneville6


Out comes the chain saw

After that break I started down the hill and ran into this tree blocking the road, so out came the chain saw again.cut7


The saw made quick work of those trees.better8


I continued down the hill a ways headed for another place I wanted to cut down some trees for firewood. I drove on this road to get there.road9


Trees  for firewood

I parked up here and went down there and cut some trees down to be cut up for firewood at a later date.firewood10


Once that was done I was driving on this road and stopped to cut up the dead trees leaning over the road.trim11


There’s always plenty to do to keep forest roads open as the forest is always putting trees and tree parts on them.

Checking the water level

I always stop at our water tanks to check the water level. Full to the top today.tanks12


I ran into my brothers Tom and Barry going out on a bike ride. I know if I jump on that bike I’ll have to buy one like it. I’m just waiting for my hands to recover a bit more and I’m gong to jump on it and take it for a ride, or does it take me for a ride. :O)bike13


Checking the Armstrong Valley Farm Garden

I went over to one of my brother’s gardens to see what was growing and maybe find one last apple on the trees.

This is the garden, but I didn’t find an apple.gardem14


When I arrived back home the sun was still shining and hadn’t gone behind the mountain yet.

Some work on the old van

I need to get the new axillary coolant unit hooked up as I bought the hoses the other day. So I got the materials and tools together and crawled under the van to run the hoses.

I got the hoses all hooked up and tied down so they don’t rub holes in themselves on the van’s body.cooler15


Thinking about that

Once that was done I still needed to hook up the electrical but I needed to think about that some more as to how I wanted to do that.

As I was thinking about that, the sun went behind the mountains. I worked a bit more on it and then headed on in for the day.

That was my day. Nice day and productive too.

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