Cutting Down My Milo and Tried Popping it

Thursday November 22, 2018 Guerneville CA.

More rain coming

It wasn’t’ raining when I got it going today but was going to a bit later.

I went out and fed and watered the chickens and then looked around for some little stuff to do.

Clearing out the grow pen

I was thinking it was time to cut this milo down and put it in the mulch bin for the chickens to eat.milo


So I got out the cutters and cut it down and  hauled it over to the mulch bin. The chickens jumped right in and started peaking on it.

All cut down

Here’s the grow pen all cut down. I shut the chickens out of it so the weeds or whatever could get growing.pen



Popping milo

It wasn’t long before the showers started and as the day progressed the showers got stronger so I went in the house and did research on YouTube on growing Milo which is a type of sorghum.

One of the videos suggested popping it so I got some out of the seed sack for feed and tried it in my air popper. It sorta popped and tasted pretty good. I think I’d do better at popping it using some other method.

Rain drove me into the house

By late afternoon it was raining hard enough one might get a bit wet so that was it for me today as I stayed in the house and kept warm.

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