Culvert Project, Fixing Sink Leaks and Brushing Things Out

Monday April 26, 2021 Guerneville CA.

One last concrete load

My neighbor had one last load of concrete so when I got it going I went over to move it to the culvert. It was just enough to finish the wall.blocks


Some shale

After that I got a load of the bigger rocks and put them in the hole and about that time my brother Tom came by with a load of shale to top things off. Here he is dumping the load.shale


He spread out the rock.rocking


Here’s the finished project so far. Tom will be adding a couple more loads of shale to finish it off, as he gets time. There should be no problem for any fire trucks to get over this.road


Lessons learned after the forest fire

After last summers forest fire I learned what needed to be done on our property to make sure big fire trucks and dozers could get through and onto our property. It’s something most people don’t give any thought to until it is too late.


Here’s what all the concrete looks like that I stacked up.culvert


Of course I needed a good break after that.

Fixed the leaks

And then I tackled the leaky sink drain problem.

I had two leaks in the drain pipe connections. I got out the petroleum jelly and greased up the connector threads as I noted it was real hard to tighten the connections any more with the tools I was using.

Fixed it

Once I lubed up the connection threads I was able to tighten it all up by hand and all was good. The petroleum jelly really worked well and was just what was needed.drainpipes


Letting in the sun

While walking around the yard doing some chair hopping I noticed these plum trees were blocking a lot of the sun to the apricot tree just right of center, a small tree I planted a few years ago. They were also blocking the sun from the larger cherry tree on the right.tree


I got out my loppers and chainsaw to cut some of the plum trees down and out of the way.

Here’s the work area as I get started cutting things down.saw


I got a little firewood from the project.pile


Keep cutting

I wasn’t satisfied with the results so I cut a bunch more plum trees out and made a mess.light


I got a bunch more firewood and made a lot  more brush that I will have to move to the brush pile eventually.wood


Back lets me know when to stop

Some of the brush I’ll have to move but not today as my back says stop, so I did.brush


Broody hens

I had four hens sitting on eggs and found another hen sitting on eggs in the egg nest boxes so I added one more hatching nest box which makes a total of five broody hens with about sixty eggs under them.hens


All the eggs rarely hatch but that should be enough chicks for the year so any  more broody hens I just take her eggs away each day or I’d be overrun with chicks.

Nice day.

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