Corn, Corn, Corn, Eek?

Tuesday Dec. 11, 2012, Guerneville, CA.

Time to fess up to what I’ve been up to for the last few days on the internet.


Today, since I went to Sebastopol to help a friend buy a new computer, I didn’t go kayaking on the river, so, this will be a good time to get down what I’ve been up to that has been taking all my thinking time.

Well, let’s see, this episode all started when I was over at a friends house talking to him with his wife sitting nearby. We got to the subject of my corn allergy and his wife pops up and asks what my corned symptoms where, or something like that.

Well again………harrump. I have an itch in my crotch that sometimes is very hard to stop itching until it hurts. And since this is the first time I said it to a female, I thought and added, if a women had what I had, she’d be a nymphomaniac, especially if she didn’t know about the corn and kept consuming it.

Well, that started it all, that was a few weeks ago.

A few days ago, I’m skimming the news headlines online and I see this headline that says something like this. Women commits suicide who has rare sex disease, or something to that order.

Now, why do you think this might have attracted my attention? Gee, I just said something like that to a lady about my itch thing. I read the article and sure enough, this women had a similar thing, only much, much worse than I. I searched for more articles on her and found she had appeared on Twenty-Twenty and other news programs about her condition. Many women had this disease and there was no real cure for it. What?

I did some other searches for info on PGAD and found a lot of info on this subject and realized that indeed, these women could be suffering from the same thing that I had, only way, way worse than I.

Whoa, what,………….. what am I getting into? Should I try to tell them what I know about my problem and what I’ve discovered about the corn stuff, or what? 

I’d just discovered the corn avoidance list on the internet a few weeks ago and was finding more people with weird corn problems of all kinds, but nobody with the pgad thing.

What to do and should I. I felt compelled, because I thought I knew something that could easily cure some of these women, possibly. Ok, search for some PGAD groups and see if I could join one and delivery this info, somehow……..

The first one I found that was public, I left some messages that mostly just told them, but there weren’t very many people on this group and it wasn’t very active, so I wasn’t happy with how that went.

Next, I thought, ok, maybe I can find them on Yahoo Groups, which I’ve used in the past to exchange info on subjects. Do a search for pgad and found one. Sign up, but have to get approved.

I also decided to join the corn avoidance group I was lurking at and reading to see if anyone there knew about the connection I had made with corn and PGAD, if not I would educate them.

Now, the first group that I posted on didn’t work too well, the one I mentioned that wasn’t very active, but I learned not to just come out and tell it like it is, better to lead people into something, as it seemed to work better and that way, you could teach them something, sorta sneaky like. :O)

On the corn avoidance group, I decided to see what they knew about allergies stuff and posted that it can be assumed ,if someone comes to this group with an itch, they likely have an allergy. That brought some people into the conversation, then I said a Post Nasal Drip is also an indicator of an allergy, but you had to think about that, as it was an automatic process. I also told them I think I’ve made a connection between the corn and the PGAD, anyone ever heard of it and told them where to go to learn something about it.

In the mean time, I was accepted into this PGAD list with almost four hundred people in it, mostly women. I introduced myself with the corn piece I have posted at the top of this blog and asked if anyone else has connected PGAD with corn.

NO takers on that one, so I went the next step and told them what I told you about why I made this connection and what my itching problem was all about.That got some attention.

But, telling someone they are having a problem such as this because of corn, it’s really hard to believe, even for me, so it was a somewhat an uphill battle, but I persisted.

In the mean time, I was trying to find someone on the corn list that was female and had my problem or something more like the PGAD problems and I finally did,. I had a connection, as far as I was concerned. Now, there were some receptive people on the PGAD list, but not all, which is understandable.I went on with lots of posts about all the ways they could get corned and how it can fool you and continued to try to make more connections to corn and PGAD.

Now, all this was a big strain on my mind, it was working over time, dealing with people and trying to keep two lists sorted out. At one time I was writing posts to the PGAD list answering questions for several hours, continuous.

Then, just this morning, I got even more of what I was looking for. A women on the PGAD list said that she controlled her diet and avoided corn and was controlling her PGAD. Wow. Another connection.

I had told them yesterday, that I would leave the PGAD list in a day, today, so at eight pm, I sent them a bye, bye email saying I’d sign off their list at ten tonight. It’s better to leave to let the ladies talk lady talk.

Shortly after that, I got an email from a lady from NY. This was the best email I got.

She said she was a PGAD member but never posted on the group, only lurked. She said she had pgad, but was able to keep it seventy percent under control with diet……….Wow, this was great, more correlation.

She said I was a great writer and should stay on the list as she had read all my posts and they were very good .So good, she said, they were likely the best stuff that anyone had ever posted to the group. She said they needed posts like mine on the list, as there wasn’t too much of that kind of stuff.

Wow, I was blown away. But, I couldn’t stay. It was a mostly female list and as a man I felt it wasn’t a place I should be, just the way it was.
And, even more, I didn’t want to read all their stuff. A lot of it is very depressing and if you aren’t that sick, you don’t need to read it. Besides, I’d already posted enough stuff to write a book and that’s all I really had at this time. Most of what I told them you won’t find in any book.

So, I think I’ve made a connection between corn and PGAD, most likely, but for sure, food and PGAD. I think at least some of the PGAD group can get some relief from diet, maybe even a big percentage of them. I’m hoping that I got though to at least one of them and they will try to diet and get some relief and teach the others, they don’t’ need me, they need time, so I’ll leave them to it.

Stuff like this takes a lot of thinking to keep from making an ass out of yourself, you have to say something and cover all the bases. or someone will try to shoot you down and then you are done. Your not just talking to one person, so you have to be even more careful if you wish to succeed. New information obtained during something like this has to added to what you know as you go. The right answer needs to be given to questions that are asked to generate peoples interest in what you say so they have a chance to learn. Any thing stated has to be accurate and logical, or you will lose people fast.

It will take some time,…………. now back to work on my van injection system and more kayaking the river, of course.

It might be possible that I have started something that might just save the world.  If indeed we have a corn problem that is a silent epidemic and is growing fairly fast, that could make a lot more people allergic to this stuff. I believe there already are a lot of people, that are blaming every thing for their illness, except corn. It’s a hard thing to sell.

My day was a great one. I didn’t get shot down. :O)

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