Continuing With the Spring Water Line Burial Job

Tuesday December 29, 2020 Guerneville CA.

Working in the forest

The sun was out today but it was a bit on the cool side. I put on an extra shirt and got my digging tools and rode the quad runner up into the hills where I’ve been working on burying our spring water pipes and started to dig a ditch just in front of the quad and worked my way up the hill.quad


Tree trimming

I started by cutting the limbs off this tree that goes across the water line with  my hand saw. The heavy shirts came off shortly as I worked away.tree


You can see the tree I trimmed and then made the ditch under it ready to bury now.ditch


I think I got about a 150 feet buried in the ground today. The ground is nice and soft from the recent rains.pipe


I got the pipe buried down to the quad and then started the ditch down in back of the quad runner before I quit for the day.trail


Getting dark on me

I worked a little longer than I should of and the forest got a bit dark on me before I left to scoot on home. I had to race to beat the bogyman out today, but I beat him as I didn’t see him.road


The chickens were already in the roost but when they heard me pull in the yard on my quad they all jumped down and wanted to get into the front yard for a bit so I opened the gate for them. They only had about a half hour before it got too dark for them.chickens


Once it was dark I shut the chickens in their pen for the day and went on in the house for a nap.

Another productive day working on getting the spring water lines buried and I always get a bunch of exercise too.

Nice day.

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  1. Nancy K says:

    I’m curious how many springs you have and how far all those lines go. It seems to be quite a distance.

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