Continuing Across Oregon Headed for Port Orford

Tuesday August 22, 2017 Agness, Oregon

On towards the ocean

I broke camp this morning and got back on highway 140 west to Lakeview.

This was the road I took back to the main road from camp.road1


Lakeview Oregon

I got gas at Lakeview and did some shopping and got back on 140 west across Oregon.

Traffic on 140 was mostly light with some construction going on.raod2


Lots of trees in Oregon. With trees comes fire and the air was full of smoke all day.road3


I went by this lake which I think is one of the Klamath Lakes, but everything was smoky.lake4


I had to do a piece of freeway five near Medford I didn’t like much as everyone was in  a hurry and there were a bunch of them on the road. Yuck.

Coastal mountain route

But eventually I got onto this road to the coast over the hills. It’s not used much as it’s fairly long and rough in some spots.road5


Much smoke

I’m hoping to get out of the smoke as I get further into the coastal mountains, but so far no luck.road6


Some of the road even had a center stripe on it, but that wasn’t’ the norm.road7




There was a detour for about twenty miles where the road turned to rock which was  a bit bouncy.road8


Didn’t clear the smoke for camp

I was hoping to clear the smoke before I made camp, but the road was too long and the smoke too much. I think I will have to make the coast to clear the smoke which I will do tomorrow.

This is my camp for the night. Just a small side road off a side road in the forest.vancamp


On to Port Orford

Tomorrow I will continue my drive to the coast about an hour through these mountains I think. Then north to Port Orford where I hope to find some internet access to post this blog.

Nice day.

Posted from Port Orford Oregon library.

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