Continental Divide Trail Colorado Altitude Sickness Day 11

Friday August 4, 2017 Buena Vista Colorado Day 11

A bad day of altitude Sickness

I woke up at 4am this morning feeling real sick and it only got worse. We were camped at 11 thousand  feet.

I couldn’t drive and was real incompassitated and really out of it. I couldn’t really do much of anything and couldn’t even think straight.

The guys decided Dennis would drive my van and I crashed out in the back of Marty’s van and we headed down to seven thousand feet at Buena Vista.

Town park.DSC08836



They parked me at a town park and I tried to recover some and I did a bit while they went out to find motels for the night.

Unfortunately the park closed at 10PM so I had to find some other place to camp for the night. The old van attracts people so I talked with some locals and found a nice place by some railroad tracks and this American Legion. Since I’m a vet I thought this place would work for the night by the railroad tracks.

Parked for the night here at the American Legion.DSC08837


I’m still not feeling too good and hope to do better tonight, I hope.

Not a good day.

Better today and on the way south.

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4 Responses to Continental Divide Trail Colorado Altitude Sickness Day 11

  1. Bob,
    I hope you’re feeling better and it was just a little altitude sickness? We got out to Jenner around 11 AM on Saturday. I brought two boats, Janis, my granddaughter Riley and I took the mothership (Mad River canoe) and my oldest daughter Jenni and her oldest Madi took the tandem kayak. Amazingly the conditions were perfect. We paddled down to sand dunes at the jetty and hiked over to the ocean. The ocean was almost perfectly flat and the mouth had closed Friday night. My granddaughters (age 6 and 7) were getting lured into the ocean. I had to keep a close eye on them, it drops off rather quickly. After a picnic we paddled upriver through the slot and eventually made it to Paddy’s rock. I believe your harbor seal friends were looking for you when they saw my green canoe. Safe travels, Ken

  2. mister Ed says:

    It,s , called acute mountain sickness (AMS), is the most common type of altitude sickness. It can occur at elevations as low as 5,000 feet, where it is likely to last only a day or so, but is more common above 8,000 feet. At elevations over 10,000 feet, three out of four people will have symptoms.

  3. Patsy Irene says:

    Mister Ed has a great suggestion. Not that I plan on being at 11,000′ any time soon but I never knew that.
    Hope you are soon back to your normal self.

  4. mister Ed says:

    If you go to the local fire department and tell them that you have possible altitude sickness they should be able to give you some 50% oxygen for about 20 minutes that should clear up your head

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