Constructing Strawberry Planters and Planting Strawberry Plants

Friday January 29, 2021 Guerneville CA.

Strawberry planter construction

Since it wasn’t raining and the sun was out I worked on getting these strawberry planters built so I can get the berry plants planted in them.pipes


I drilled some holes to hang them with wires and to screw the wooden end pieces I made to the pipes.blocks


Pipe ends

Here’s one of the wooden end pieces screwed into place.pipends


Hung up

I decided to test one out before finishing the others so I put the hanging wires on and hung it up. Looks ok to  me.pipehang


Planting the berry plants

So I got the wheelbarrow out and found some good dirt in the yard that I added some redwood mulch to and filled the planter up and put some of the strawberry plants I got from Joe in it.plants


I think these will work out well. Off the ground, easy to pick and away from lots of the bugs and birds and other critters that eat berries.berries


I’m hanging them in a fenced in and roofed in pen that has overhead watering on a timer so they should work out well in here as they are well protected from critters.

Store bought type hangers

While I was at Joe’s the other day he was looking for something to put the strawberry plants in when he came across these hangers in  his yard and said, want there. Sure. He had three of them so I filled them up with dirt and a plant in each and hung them up in spots.pots


Doing the last two planters

That first pipe planter worked out ok so I cut some more wooden blocks for the ends of these last two and installed the ends.endpipes


Blueberry patch

I took those two planters to my blueberry patch and put the hanging wires on them.patch


I found some more dirt in the yard for them and got the rest of the strawberry plants planted. This pen is just  like the last one fenced in with overhead water on a timer. Perfect I hope.planters


Lots of woodchips

Late in the day I let the chickens into the front yard to graze. The tree trimmer guys have been delivering more woodchips during the week and my brother Tom has been hauling most of them over to his chicken and garden area which is a good thing or my driveway would be completely plugged up. Tom said his chicken area was a mud hole before he got some woodchips in there. He has a couple hundred chickens or so. He plans to mulch most of the rest of the chips to use on his garden.chickens


Plastic chips

I cut the pipe on this spot so I’d have a chance to clean up most of the white plastic pieces from cutting and drilling the pipe. I got most of it but not all of it. Good enough. :O)sweepings


Here you can see my blueberry patch with the new strawberry planters installed. Now they  just  have to do their thing and I should be in the strawberries and I won’t have to raid Tom’s patch so much.caged


In the evening I sat around the yard and chair hopped, just enjoying the day until the night chill drove me in the house for the day.

Nice day.

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  1. Nancy K says:

    Genius idea. I never would have thought of doing that. Thanks for the info!!

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