Closing Rodent Holes On the Roof and Doing Some More Chair Hopping

Saturday October 12, 2019 Guerneville CA.

Rodent holes

I worked on patching up two rodent holes in my attic that I found with my cam. I’d been looking for the place they were getting in for quite some time and couldn’t find the spot but the camera finally did once I pointed it in the right direction.

First hole

I got my tools out and had to work under that metal in a tight spot on this one.roof


Second hole

This is hole number two that I patched up with the screen. It was a big hole for sure.wire


Here’s where I was working on hole number two up under the eve there, another tight place to work. I’ll have to clean those leaves off


Leaving the cam setup

I decided to leave the cam set up to see what happens. Will the rodent come out another spot I don’t know


Well sure enough the rodent, just after dark, a rat came out another hole right next to this one so I’ll patch that one up tomorrow.

Chair hop day

Otherwise I spent most of the day chair hopping and taking it easy as it was a real nice day.

Nice day for taking it easy. :O)

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