Cleaning Brake Parts, Moving a Log and Cutting Up the Kiwi bush

Saturday December 8, 2018 Guerneville CA.

Warm in the sun but

I went outside this morning and sat in the sun as it was cool but shortly the sun went behind a big redwood tree and there was no sun so I went back in the house and waited another hour for the sun to come out from behind that big redwood tree.

I did get the chickens fed and watered before I went in the house so they’d have some feed to eat.

Researching pickles and kraut

In the house I did some research on how to make home made pickles stay crisp instead of getting soft. Seems it has a lot to do with how much salt which was mostly not enough of it. Seems salts need to be weighted as the same volume of each kind is way different by weight. I also learned a bit about making sauerkraut. It needs very little salt as it’s the lactic acid that does the curing and not the salt so I can cut way back on the salt when I make that.

Suns out now

By the time I went back outside the sun was out nice and there were no more redwood trees in the way for the rest of the day.

Cleaning up the brake parts

The main thing I wanted to do today was get the Toyota’s brake drums and parts cleaned up so I can do the next step which is to install them.

I got out some brushes and things and some air and started the cleaning process. drums


Shoes coming unglued

While in the process I noticed the rear brake shoe pads where coming unglued so that meant I needed to get new rear shoes. I’d already gotten the front shoes for the same problem.

So that was all I could do on that project until I get the new shoes.

Moving the big log

This log was too close to the driveway so I got my bar and rolled it back a little. That root needs to come out too so it needs to be cut off.root1


Cutting the root

Here’s the root that needs to get removed. I got out my maul to cut the root at both ends.root


It took a few swings but that got the job done.mall


Need more gates

I spent some time doing some planning for more projects that need done in the yard so I can get the materials to do them. I need more gates as all the chicken fences I’m putting in block me when walking around the yard which means I need more gates, at least three of them.

Kiwi needs attacking

I’ve been looking at this kiwi bush as it needs some serious trimming.kbush


I got my pruners out and then waited until I let the chickens out to graze and I started working on it. I still need to do some more work on that as there’s a lot of dead brush in there. It’s a vine that grows fast.

Once the sun went down the day was cooling off fast so I went in the house for a nap and that was pretty much my day.

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2 Responses to Cleaning Brake Parts, Moving a Log and Cutting Up the Kiwi bush

  1. John Spoden says:

    Jarbidge is cold as all get out., time to head south.

  2. Patsy Irene says:

    Seems busy enough, you deserved the rest.
    Nice that the sun cleared the redwoods for you.

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