Chiropractor, Blood Test, Corvettes and Working in the Yard

Tuesday October 31, 2017 Guerneville CA.

Chiropractor checks my nervous system

I had a chiropractor appointment this morning that went pretty good. I’m mainly going to him to help with my possible leaky gut problem. The first step is to make sure my nervous system is working as it should so the body can function as it should. Everything in the body is controlled by our nerves and it’s his job to make sure my nervous system is functioning as it should. Most people think chiropractors just move bones around to make them work right and so did I, but what they are really doing is moving the bones to make sure the nerves are free to do their thing. It turns out I’m mostly in pretty good shape as far as that is concerned which is a good thing.

Blood to the VA

After that appointment I drove over to the VA clinic to give some blood for another PSA test as  my last one was a bit high, 4.35 so they are rechecking it as mine has gone up and back down before. That’s the prostrate cancer test.

The VA place was near the gas station where I think I left my gas cap from my car during the big fires here. I went back the day after but the station was closed because of the fire, so my car has been without a cap since then. The guy looked all around but didn’t find it.

Corvettes at Joe’s House

Joe, a friend of mine lived not far from that so I went by for a visit, but he wasn’t home either. Interesting that there were two Corvettes parked in his yard.

Gosh the tire guy is closed

I need to get my van’s tires rotated so I stopped by the local tire guy to see if they had time to do it, but they turned out to be closed for five days.


From there I went on home and put another coat of paint on the Toyota repair I’ve been working on and another coat of paint on the van’s cooler brackets I’m making.

I did some puttering around in the yard and spread some mulch onto some weeds to keep them down.

After that it was pretty much chair hopping around the yard until it started to cool down and I went in for the day.

That was my day.

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