Chickens, Mulberries, Van Work and a Naughty Hen

Thursday July 25, 2019 Guerneville CA.

Caring for chickens

I went out to see how the chickens where doing this morning and they seemed to have what they needed.chicks


Marty visits

My friend Marty came by just before noon so we sat around a lot shooting the bull. We did get it going for a walk over to one of my brother’s gardens. On the way over we stole some apples off the tree from a neighbor, only because stolen apples taste the best. We looked around the garden but we didn’t find anything to nibble on even though there was lots of stuff growing.

He lift for home after a few hours and I went in for a nap.

Mulberries are getting ripe

Later I went out and ate some mulberries off this mulberry tree as they are just starting to get ripe.mulberry


Here’s a few of the berries just starting to ripen. More get ripe everyday and they keep coming for a couple weeks or so. Berry juice gets all over everything so it’s a good idea not to wear anything you value. Sure are good though.berries


Some van work

I needed to grease the van so I got the stuff out to do that and got it done. While I was under the van I noticed both my motor mounts had a loose bolt on them. I think this happened before and I tightened them up and they’ve come loose again. At least I think I tightened them up last time. I put some goop on them to keep them from coming loose and will keep an eye on them for awhile to make sure they stay tight.vanwork


Loose belts

I also tightened up my alternator belt just a little and now I think it’s adjusted about right.

Naughty hen

I’ve been having some trouble with this chicken. It went broody a couple weeks ago and just wouldn’t get out of the egg laying nests so I finally gave her some eggs instead of taking them away from her everyday.hen


But even though she insists on sitting in a nest she turned out to be not a good mother and would leave the nest for long periods and the eggs would go cold which is not good.\

Spoiled eggs

Last night another hen sat on her eggs and this morning I found all the eggs cold with no hen sitting on them so I put a red tie wrap on her leg and kicked her out with the other big birds that aren’t nesting. I disposed of the eggs as they were no longer any good.

Hen went AWOL

I guess she didn’t like that as tonight she didn’t come home to roost but stayed outside somewhere. I looked but couldn’t find her and hope no critters find her in the night. I guess I will have to lock her in when she shows up tomorrow.

That about warps up my day.

Nice day didn’t do too  much and enjoyed the day.

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  1. George Yates says:

    Good thing you found the loose motor mount and got it tighten again.

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