Chickens, Drizzle and Working On the Sheeter

Sunday February 14, 2021 Guerneville CA.

Drizzly day and a chicken fence

When I went out to take care of the chickens this morning I decided to put up a temporary fence to keep the chickens from climbing up the grape vine and getting out.

So once I got it going I went out and unrolled a short piece of fence wire I had.

Since it’s temporary I just propped it up against the grape vine for now.

It’s hard to see as it’s up against some other fencing but it covers up the grape vine nicely so should slow the chickens down some. I’m sure they’ll find another way.fence


Just after I got the piece of fence up it started to drizzle so back in the house I went.

Rondo Sheeter maintenance

Around 3 I  had an appointment with my chicken assistant, the lady that helps me out with my chickens when I want to travel.

I’d told her I’d help her take apart her sheeting machine to get the rolling belts off it so she could wash them as well as clean up the machine. The machine is used to roll out dough and works rather well at it.

Here’s the machine ready to take apart to get the belts off to clean them.rondo


Good thing for manuals

We had to refer back to the manual at this point to get the belts off. belts


And we looked at the manual several more times but eventually got all the parts off so now everything is ready to get cleaned


The belts have to dry overnight so I did my part for the day.

Easy after the first time

It’s not really that hard to do, once you’ve done it once and know how.

The drizzle kept at it all day and fortunately I’d taken my umbrella with me when I walked over to do the work.

So far the new chicken fence is working and I hope it keeps working.

Nice day and I made some points with my chicken assistant. :O)

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