Chickens and Naps Were My Day and I’m Hungry :O)

Monday December 2, 2019 Guerneville CA.

Rainy day

Another bad night and woke up feeling like I had a hang over.

I got up and fed the chickens and then let them out. Light rain doesn’t seem to bother them. But when it rains hard they all head for the coup.

Here they are out in the rain when I let them out this morning.rainbirds


Napping day

Since I was feeling a bit poorly I went back in the house for a nap and that’s pretty much what I did today.

Later in the day I started to feel a bit better which was good. I still napped a lot.

Towards dark I went out to close up the chickens as they were in the roost.roost


Feeling better

Back in the house for more napping feeling a bit better.

I was hungry but didn’t want to eat as I didn’t need anymore corned stuff and I wasn’t sure where I was getting it from. That’s always the problem which food had it? It can be in anything I put in my mouth. I only drink water, sometimes in the form coffee and that’s my suspect right now as I’d switched coffee brands, but that’s still not necessarily the bad guy, only another suspect. :O) Might as well smile like George as frowning doesn’t help any and no matter what, IT’S LIFE. :O)

Feeling much better

So it’s after dark and I’m feeling much better so maybe I’ll live.

The nice rain we’ve been having is supposed to be slowing up a bit tomorrow so I hope to get down to the river and see what the fishermen are doing.

Now I’m really thinking I need something to eat. :O)

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