Chicken Projects, and a Lot of Puttering Around Today

Sunday May 5, 2019 Guerneville CA.

A day of puttering around

First thing this morning I put the water on the big raspberry patch and let it run most of the day.berrypatch


Got the hinges on the gate

I found some door hinges last night in my stuff so I welded them on the gate I made yesterday.hinges


Starting pen

I made this little pen to raise little chicks in. I plan to get some meat type chicks soon and put them in here to start them off.pen


This little door goes into the coop where I start tiny chicks I buy and then I can let them out into this new pen.coupdoor


Don’t feed the rats

I also put together this little box to feed the chicks. The chicks knock a lot of feed out of the bowl when they feed and then at night the rats come to eat it, soooooooooooooo  I made this catch box so that feed stays in sight of the chicks and they can eat it. Or I can put the tray away at night and no rats. No food no


My chicken waterers are too high for the chicks to get a drink so I need to lower this one and another one and modify the roof that keeps chicken stuff out of the water.water


I raised the roof and lowered the bowl into the ground and now it should work.newwater


Here’s the other waterer after I worked it over the same way.water2


Raspberries soon

Here’s  my smaller raspberry patch in my garden. It has blooms so it shouldn’t be to long before I’m eating berries off it.berries


Used the starter fluid

I got the weed mower out and gassed it up and tried to start it but no go so I got the starter fluid out and gave the carb a shot of it and it started right up and kept running. Good stuff that starter fluid.mower


I just mowed around the edges since I wanted to leave the rest for the chickens.roses


Things look a bit better mowed.mowed


Cutting to the chickens

I used the catch bag on the mower and gave the cuttings to the chickens and here they are eating what they like of it.chickens


Nighty night

Here’s the chickens on their roost getting ready for the night.roost


I just puttered around today taking my time and getting stuff done slowly and that was my day for a good one.

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