Chicken Pen Planting and Puttering Around the Yard

Sunday August 2, 2020 Guerneville CA.

Chicken pen planting

I needed to get the chicken pen planted with seed so that’s where I started today after some chair hopping around the yard while getting it going for the day.

This is the chicken pen I’m working in from the outside.growpen


Planting seed

And this is it from the inside ready to plant some seeds to grow stuff for the chickens to graze on. I usually just use the seeds I feed to the chickens to plant with as I already  have them.seeding


Plant protection

Once I got all the seeds in and the ground back over them I put the grow cover on top to keep the chickens from pulling the small plants out of the ground.

Looks like this now ready for some chickens.covered


I gave the new seeds some water to get them going.water


Blueberry patch

One of the other things I did was check out the blueberry patch.patch


The patch is almost spent but I did find some good berries to eat.blueberries


I plan to let the chickens in to clean up the weeds as soon as all the blueberries are gone.

Raspberries too

I also visited the raspberry patch and ate some berries.

There’d be a lot  more berries in this picture if I hadn’t eaten them first. :O)raspberries


Armstrong Valley Farm carrot patch

This is one of the views from one of my chairs. My brother’s carrot patch.carrotpatch


The new carrots are coming up nicely.carrots


My citrus

I have two citrus trees I planted recently in the carrot patch so I gave them some water as they need to do a lot of growing before I’ll benefit from them.citrus


Tacking another pen

Towards evening when the sun was low in the sky I decided to tackle this, another chicken pen where I grow stuff for them that the blackberry vines are taking over. I need to cut the blackberry vines out and dig it up and plant this pen. I started out cutting berry vines and will continue to work on it more but not today.pen


Chicken helpers

I did get most of the berry vines cut and then let the chicken in. I’ll let more chickens in tomorrow so they can really tear it up.vines


It was mostly a putter around kind of day getting some stuff done and a little exercise too.

Nice day.

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