Chicken Pen Dirt and Adding More Woodchips and Late Property Taxes

Friday May 27, 2022 Guerneville CA.

Dirt work

I wanted to finish getting the dirt out of the chicken pen so I got out the tools and started on it. I figured I  had about 10 loads of dirt to move to get it done and I was almost right. I lost count and it took somewhere between 8 and ten loads to get it done.This is the part that needed the dirt removed.dugout2


Back’s getting sore

I got a good start on it before I needed a break. I wasn’t sure my back was going to make it so I tried to take it easy.pen1


Dirt is out

After another break or two I got all the dirt out that I wanted to remove.dirt4


This is the last load of dirt and my back barely made it and was a bit sore by now.lastload3


Dirt dump area

This is the area I had to go to, to dump the dirt. I’m filling up part of this low spot in the yard and the chickens are helping spread the dirt out.dump5


Moving woodchips

My back wasn’t really into it but I got about three loads of woodchips in the pen before giving my back a good break.chips6


It was  a good start on the woodchips but it needed more after a good break.woodchiips7


I took that break and let the chickens do their thing spreading it out some.helpers8


Camera mount

After a break that included a nap I did a test mount on this camera clamp mount to see how it would work on the dirt bike. I’ll have to give it a real test soon to test it out proper.cammount9


Property taxes

I checked the mail box and there was a letter in there from the county tax guys. Seems I didn’t pay my taxes last year. Hummm. Maybe it was because I didn’t receive my tax bill in the mail. Odd, but I also didn’t receive my van’s license renewal in the mail either last year. Maybe someone is messing with my mail.

Anyway I went online and promptly paid the taxes.

Back to work

In the evening I moved a bunch more woodchips to the pen and even put a pile in the mulch container for the chickens to dig in.mulchpen10


Done for now

That finishes off that part of the pens. I have a bit more in another pen that I may or may not get to.

The rest of the evening I chair hopped around with the chickens.rooster12


Nice day.

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