Chicken Feed and Hardware Supplies and a Kibitzing Visit With Marty About the Toyota’s Brakes

Friday September 14, 2018 Guerneville CA.

A shopping day

I needed to get some supplies today so I was off to the shopping areas once I got it going around noon.

Chicken feed first

On the way I stopped in Sebastopol to check out this feed store to see what I could find for chicken feed as I don’t use the standard chicken feeds. I mostly use whole seeds when I can find them, such as whole oats and whole barley and what ever else I can find at each store as they all carry different stuff.

Here’s The Feed Store I went


I was able to pick up four sacks of stuff for the chickens. I signed up for their discount card and no tax for meat animal feed. Nice people in that store.

And to the hardware store

From there I went to a big hardware store to get some fencing for my chicken protection and some other supplies to keep me busy working on projects.

Here I am in the fencing section of the


Visiting Marty and Patti

That was all the shopping I could  handle so I went on over to Marty and Patti’s place to kibbutz on my Toyota master cylinder brake hookup problem.

Marty and I went out into his shop and tried some different stuff. He had a tool that would do double flares on brake lines that we tried out and a few parts.

I got some ideas

We didn’t get it done, but I think I know what I need to do to complete this job. I borrowed some of his stuff and went on home.

Unloaded at home

Once home I had to unload the stuff I bought and put the feed in the chicken house. Those fifty pound sacks are heavy, I’m glad they don’t use the 100 pound sacks anymore.

I fed and watered the chickens and the day was over.

Good day.

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  1. Patsy Irene says:

    Sounds like the chickens have food for a while again.
    That is a ton of various fencing choices!
    Good luck with the brake fix.

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