Chicken Care and Welding On the Bulkhead Repair

Tuesday September 24, 2019 Guerneville CA.

Chicken check

One of the first things I do once I get it going is check to be sure the  chickens have everything they need and no one is having a problem like stuck in a fence or something.

Here’s the chicken greeters, sure I’ll get you some feed.chickens


Working on the bulkhead repair

After that I started work on the bulk head repair. I needed this little pipe welded onto the piece of channel so I brought it over to the welder as I hadn’t fired the one in the bulk head work area up yet and wasn’t sure it would work.welding


I decided to bolt some of the new stuff together so I got the drills out and drilled some holes and did some bolting.drilling


Old welder

I checked out the welder in the work area as it hasn’t been used in a long time. I found the on off switch was breaking up. I was able to get it to the on position and can turn it on and off with the circuit breaker as I wasn’t into fixing the main switch and wanted to get some work done.

Welding stuff

The welder worked and I got the metal pieces all welded up witch took me most of the day. I installed posts for the fence I need to install there too and now the new bulkhead is mostly ready for the new fence but I have more stuff to do on it first.fencework


Fence posts up

By the end of the day I had all the fence posts up and all the welding done and was pretty worn out.ready


As you can see I still have a lot of work to do to finish off this project but it’s coming along.

Nice day working in the yard and getting stuff done.

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  1. Patsy says:

    You got a lot done today, no wonder you were tuckered out.

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