Checking Out Thompson Creek In Plumas National Forest

Saturday June 24, 2023 Thompson Creek, Plumas National Forest CA.

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Camp view

The view from this morning’s camp spot, just before we left.view1


Heading out

We were headed down off the  mountain tops to the forest floor below to go check out Thompson Creek.vans2


The road that we took to the forest floor was in pretty good shape.road3


Thompson creek road

We got on the Thompson Creek Road and started on up along the creek.road4


Camp spot

There weren’t many camp spots along the creek. This one was a good one. We stopped to check it out and decided to come back to it if we didn’t find better on up the creek and we didn’t.campspot5


The creek at that camp spot had a lot of water flowing down it.creek6


We continued on the road and stopped at this spot for a break. It was by a nice meadow.marty8


That looked like this.meadow7


We drove out this road to check it out and had to turn around at a dead end.raod9


We stopped at this spot to check it out and take a break.break10


Up this road

We’d gone as far as we wanted to up the creek road and started back to that camp spot when we saw this road so, drove on up it.road11


That road climbed the hill but eventually dead ended so we turned around and headed back.view12


Tonight’s camp spot

We settled in at this nice camp spot for the night.camp14


Marty tried his  hand at fishing in the creek, but no luck.fishing13


Nice day.

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