Chasing Deer in the Dark and a Ride to the Jenner Overlook

Friday December 23, 2016 Jenner CA.

Trying to keep the deer out of my yard

Last night I went out to get some wood for the woodstove and I saw something in the dark move.

I knew it was a darn deer in the yard and I have fences and gates to keep them out as they eat all my stuff and do a lot of damage to it in a short time. This one got in in the day time as my brother leaves the gate open when he goes to his garden and they come in and get locked in. Of course the deer are ok with that as they have lots of nice stuff to eat.

The problem is getting them out. I have about an acre fenced in with lots of bushes and trees. They have lots of places to hide in the dark, so I have to find them and try to run them out. They tend to run around the house and try to hide.

So I went back in the house and got my brightest flashlight and went back out to locate where it was.

The chase is on

I found it and started the chase to get it out. I need to see it leave or I don’t know if it is in or out, so I try to keep up with it. Of course I only had  my slippers on. It headed for the main gate where it had come in, but that was closed now. As I approached the confused deer it took off. I was in hot pursuit and went through the spot where they tried to drill my new well and almost fell on my face as I hit the mud from last nights rain. Lucky I didn’t fall down, but now my slippers were full of mud. I found it over by the creek fence and approached with my bright light and it ran into the fence a few time before I decided I must be blinding it, so I moved my light off and charged a bit. It took off again, so I had to go find it again. I found it and started after it again and it finally ran out of the other gate my brother had left open and went into his yard which is ok as it doesn’t have anything it can damage in his yard.

Of course, by now, my adrenalin was up and I was beat from chasing it around in the dark, so I knocked on my brother’s door and gave him hell and told him to shut the damn gates when he goes through them.

I went home and it took me about an hour to settle down from that  experience.


The next morning it was raining a bit when I got it going so I wasn’t planning on doing much today, so I hung around the house napping mostly as I didn’t sleep much the night before as my corn allergy was acting up causing my whole body to itch a lot, which isn’t much fun. I finally got to sleep around six thirty in the morning so I wasn’t in very good shape.

Tired of doing nothing

Around three PM I got tired of doing nothing so I decided to take a ride down to Jenner to check things out, just for something to do.

Muddy Monte Rio boat ramp

I stopped at Monte Rio on the way down and had a look at the mud on the boat ramp which looked like this. It looks like the water is starting to clear up a bit which is what the fishermen want so they can fish. Remember, muddy water is the only time the spawning fish are safe to do their thing.rioboatramp_thumb[1]


I was thinking of doing some shoveling, but decided against it as there is more rain coming in and it might just get muddy again.

Jenner Overlook

I continued driving down to Jenner to the overlook on highway 1 above the river’s mouth area.

Here I am at the overlook looking back up the river. The rain had let up a bit.overlook_thumb[1]


This is looking south at Goat Rock.goatrock_thumb


And this is the open river’s mouth looking out into the Pacific ocean just before sunset.rivermouth_thumb


There were a bunch of harbor seals resting on the beach down there as there usually is.seals_thumb


Erosion control at the parking lot

I drove on back to the parking lot at the boat ramp and did some erosion control on the trail from the upper parking lot as no one else seems to take care of these things around here. The recent rains were stating to wash a rut in the trail coming down the hill which needed some attention.trail2_thumb


The sun was setting as I finished up and it started to rain again.


This is looking out over the boat ramp by the visitor center.sun_thumb[1]


I washed all the mud off my shovel and headed on home for the day and that was my day.

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