Chainsaw Work In the Forest and Fresh Crab and Rock Fish

Friday December 23, 2022 Guerneville CA.

Sitting around the yard

That’s how I started the day. But first I had to tend the chickens. Feed them and check their water and let them out.

Then I spent a couple hours chair hopping around the yard, just taking it easy and waking up.

Forest work

I seem to  have a routine going. Mess around in the yard for a few hours then head up into the hills to work in the forest, getting plenty of exercise in the process.

I decided to take it easy today and do some more work with the chainsaw.

I took the quad runner up as that will haul up my chainsaw where the dirt bike won’t, at least not easily.quad1


Old dead logs

I hauled the chainsaw up the trail to where these logs where laying across the trail and set to work, after a short break.logs2


Stuck saw

As the saw cut through this log, the log dropped a bit and stuck my saw in it. I used the Pulaski to pry the saw cut open to get the saw out.stuck3


I couldn’t get the log out to roll it down the hill so I had to cut a piece out of it and then I was able to pry it out and roll it down the hill a bit.log4


I rolled the log into this spot, just below the trail and then started working on cutting the log behind it out, which was an easy one.trail5


That cleared things out nicely. Now I can work on fixing the trail back up, but not today.trail6


Poison oak vine

This poison oak vine was hanging across the trail. I carefully cut it out and pulled it out of the way. Even though I don’t catch poison oak, I have to be careful of the chainsaw chips as the sap in them can turn skin black where it hits you.vine7


Favorite resting spot

I made it to my favorite resting spot and took a much needed break. I like this break spot but the trail goes right through the tree where I sit so I  had a look at things and discovered the old animal trail really went through the lower part of the tree, so I was able to keep my resting spot. I piled some rocks under the tree to hold it up when I cut it.tree8


I piled these rocks under the tree to hold it up as it’s just the right height to sit on.rocks9


I trimmed off the part of the tree that the old trail went through, so I still had a nice place to sit.tree10


I walked up the trail a bit more and trimmed a couple more small trees off the trail and by this time it was almost dark and I was pretty warn out.

I headed on home.


As I was putting my quad away, my brother Tom hollered across the creek that he had another crab if I wanted it. I’d be nuts to say no. He also gave me some rock fish that was all cleaned up. Dinner.crab11

Nice day.

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  1. Nancy K says:

    Rock fish and crab? Best Christmas dinner EVER!! That’s all we ate, back in the day. Seems you have a lot of logs down … and poison oak? I’ve only been introduced once while riding through it on horseback and luckily had no reaction. I don’t care to try it again.

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