Cat Doors, Wi-Fi Project, Carrot Patch and an Aggressive Rooster

Friday January 25, 2019 Guerneville CA.

Mostly puttering around they yard

I started out the day making another cat door. The one I made yesterday is installed in a spot that is too close to the chickens and I think the cat will be too stressed out to discover it and learn how to use it so I made this one and installed it in an out of the way place. Once she learns how to use them and I know they work I’ll install a bunch more. So far the size is small enough the chickens aren’t getting through them. I hope they are big enough for the cat to get through.catdoor


I did a lot of puttering around the yard today as it was a nice sunny day.

This project didn’t work out

I decided to make something to put  my wireless extender higher in the air to get better reception for my chicken pen camera.wifiup


I put a plastic bucket upside down with the extender inside to protect it from the weather. I visited the bamboo patch for the pole.wifi


I gave it the test

Well you just never know. That didn’t work out well at all. The signal was worse so I took it down and am still trying other spots.

Too many metal roofs

My biggest problem with the Wi-Fi is I have a lot of metal roofs and the signals don’t go through metal at all so it’s a bit of a challenge getting things to work well. I’ll keep at it. :O)

Carrot fix

I was thinking a carrot would be good so I went to my brother’s carrot patch to get one.patch


The white cover is for frost protection. It also keeps the chickens out of there as they’d tear it up looking for bugs and seeds.

I pulled up a carrot and took it to a water faucet to wash it off and ate it.carot


Oh so good as George would say.

Segregated chickens

My chickens have separated into two groups as far as roosting goes.

Here’s the main roost where the older chickens hang out.rooster


And here is the other roost where most of the younger chickens are hanging out. The two groups of chickens are about a month apart as far as age.toost


Aggressive rooster

I also noticed one of my Dominique roosters is getting a bit too aggressive and starting to attack  my leg which gets him my shoe not too hard though. When I try to pat him in the roost he starts flapping his wings and gets out of my way so he’s also leery of me. Such is a rooster.

He’ll end up in the pot soon more than likely unless he mends his ways. :O)

That was pretty much my day for another good one.

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2 Responses to Cat Doors, Wi-Fi Project, Carrot Patch and an Aggressive Rooster

  1. Upriverdavid says:

    Stoopid Rooster…I’m guessing he’ll figure out who the boss is…..Too late…
    Potatoes and sweet onions to join him???…..Probably your brother will be sharing some carrots?…..

  2. George Yates says:

    Too bad about the WIFI extender. Like the cat doors and hope they learn how to use them.

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