Carmelo the Rooster Falls Off the Roost and Forest Fire Rehab Dirt Bike Ride

Wednesday November 18, 2020 Guerneville  CA.

Chicken pen work

I was going to go for a dirt bike ride today after the rains stopped this morning to see how the dirt up on the hill was fairing in the fire rehab areas. We had a couple of inches of nice soft rain so things should be good and wet by now.


But first I thought I better get a few more wheelbarrows of mulch done in the chicken pens.

I still  had the fertilized dirt to remove from this spot so I got the tools out and loaded up the wheelbarrow.pen


I put the fertilized dirt on the ground here under some of my cherry trees. I’ll let the chickens out soon to spread it around.dirt


Woodchip pile

I loaded woodchips for the chicken pen.pile


Mulch pen

And put in a couple extra loads as this is what I call the mulch pen where I feed the chickens a lot of stuff.mulch


I  hauled about ten loads and needed a break. That’s enough for now.

Rehab work checkout

After a good long break  and letting the chickens out to graze I hopped on the dirt bike to go check out the hills for any erosion problems from all the forest fire work.

I rode on up into the hills and stopped here for a bit. Lots of nice clouds in the


Fire break area

This is one of the fire breaks I checked out on the ridge top. It’s looking good but could use a bit of smoothing out in some places. No erosion in this are.firebreak


Rock slide

I stopped here to  move some of the rocks off the road. Humm, big rocks good to use to do some road repairs somewhere. Easy to


I rode around a bit looking at all the fire rehab areas which mostly looked good except for some needed smoothing out here and there.

Dirt bike chain adjustment

While riding around I thought I heard the bike chain slapping a bit, so when I got home I got some tools out and tightened up the chain a bit.adjusting


Carmelo falls off the roost so to speak

Oh, I forgot to tell ya that Carmelo the rooster, the head rooster fell off his roost last night which means I found him dead on the ground which means he died last night from I know not what.

He was a good rooster and fortunately he has some offspring to take  his place.

New Carmelo

Here’s Carmelo 2 or now Carmelo, Carmelo 1’s son just maturing and starting to crow like a rooster does. carmelo2


Carmelo 1 got buried under some blueberry bushes as not to go to waste.

Some nice sun was out after the rain stopped this morning which made a very nice day out.

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2 Responses to Carmelo the Rooster Falls Off the Roost and Forest Fire Rehab Dirt Bike Ride

  1. Patsy Irene says:

    Oh, I’m sorry about Carmelo. :( I’m sure you said a prayer of thanks for all his hard work looking after those hens. Time for new blood to take over!

  2. Nancy K says:

    Awww poor Carmelo. At least he has a son to carry on his good name. I never thought to use chicken scratching as a way to make mulch. They are actually working for you, besides producing eggs. How cool is that??

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